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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some of the Giveaways that I've Won this Year

First I'd like to thank all my friends for their kind words and many prayers.  I could feel the calmness increasing each time I called my sister yesterday.  We are still waiting on the Vascular Surgeon to come in with the latest results and tell her how he wants to proceed.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  They mean so much and each and everyone is so important.  I started the post below the other night and seeing how I can barely think straight enough to put 2 words together, I thought I'd wrap it up and use it for today's post.

This is a post I've been wanting to share with you for awhile but just haven't managed to get to it before now.  It seems that I've been pretty lucky this year with blog giveaways.  I haven't been spending much time on them lately but I'm wanting to change that too.

In February I was lucky enough to win the M Design Boutique  giveaway  from Andrea's Thoughts. Well Melissa is just the sweetest thing.  She has a large selection of unique items for you and your home in her Etsy boutique M Design Boutique.  I chose this cute orange bags.  I thought they'd be perfect for upcoming swaps this fall. Her boutique is the perfect place to go to get custom items for an upcoming wedding or party.  And she's such a lovely person. Thank you Andrea and Melissa!
I won a great book from Cindi over at Little Yaya's Reviews and Giveaways.  It's the Chicken Soup for the Soul - Shaping the New You book below.  I love reading inspirational stories and this is full of them.  Stop by Little Yaya's and say hi.  She has a great blog with lots of reviews and giveaways that you might win.  Thank you Cindi!
I received this subscription  to Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade magazine after attending her twitter party.  I love all the great recipes and ideas she has.

I was so happy to win the giveaway from Annette @ Mimi Loves All Eight .  She was giving away a Aroma Home Animal Warmer of the winners choice.  The reason I was so excited was because I'd bought one very similar to this one years ago and loved it.  But this one is even better because the lavender scent pack is removable so you can replenish the aroma with a few drops of pure essential oil.  You can remove the inner cushion from the Cozy Bear cover and place it in the microwave to heat.  This is great for kids with sick stomachs or if your like me you love the soft calming sent when you hold the bear close.  I'll tell you a little secret.  I had Neil bring me my old bear when I was in the hospital.  It helped me relax.  Thanks again Annette!

Back in April Heidi from Show Me Some Decor contacted me and said I was the winner from her facebook 100 Likes Giveaway.  I won a $40.00 gift certificate to use at her Willow House website.  There are so many gorgeous items, it took me forever to decide but Heidi was the sweetest thing like always and was so patient with me.  I chose this elegant old world Orleans Hurricane.  I can't wait to get it.  You should really stop over and take a peek at all the beautiful home decor that Willow House has to offer.  Just click here.

I quickly added this to the list this morning.  I just received a message from Samia from  Burrs and Berries
last night that I was the winner of her vieta fashion handbag. Thanks Samia!

I have more wins to share and as soon as things calm down here I'll get them posted.  I'd love to hear about your wins too.

Hugs....Tracy :)


  1. So sweet, Tracy-- thanks for sharing the love! Prayers for your entire family during this time. xoxo

  2. Hang in there - sending prayers for your sister and your family.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are still with ya girl :)

    Wow - you've really scored big time on the giveaways this year! Great stuff, and how nice that you did a post with the thankyous and links. Always good to "give back". I'm LOVING the hurricane lamp! That thing is gorgeous!!

    Have a great week, darlin'.. keep smilin!!

  4. Thoughts and prayers for your entire family. Sounds like difficult times.

    Great wins. I particularly like the hurricane lamp you chose. :-) Great taste.