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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Went on a Freescapade Starting with Great Clips

This week, was a Me, Me, Me week.  I went on a Freescapade.  What, you don't know what a Freescapade is?  Well it's an escape of fun for free Silly.  I did some primping.  And it started when Great Clips offered me the opportunity to review one of their hair salons.

My hair is straight and long and in need of a trim.  Great timing, Great Clips.  

It was easy to find one of there convenient salons.  All I had to do was click on their easy to navigate website (you can too, by clicking on the photo above), and enter my zip-code to find the closest one to me.  It even brings up Mapquest for you, could it get any simplier than that?  They are serious about making things quick and convenient for you.

I went to the Riverside Market hair salon location, which is in a really nice historical area of Jacksonville.  The salon was bright and clean with a cheery look.  I love the boat sails that separate the stations.  There was a nice steady pace of customers coming in but not so busy that it was hectic.  I was comfortable and relaxed.  There was a mix of patrons, an older couple, a business man and a mid 20's guy waiting along with me.  After quickly being greeted, they took my info and within 15 minutes I was in the chair with the stylist.

I told her I was getting tired of my hairstyle but really wasn't into spending time styling it either and with Florida's HOT weather the long hair was easy to put up in a ponytail or clip.  She suggested that we just go with the trim until I thought about it awhile.  I really liked that because I hate going to a salon where you tell them a trim and they just do what they want anyway and cut half your hair off.  My stylist Barbara was so friendly.

It's amazing how much lighter your hair can feel by just having a couple of inches trimmed off.

I was really satisfied with my cut and their prices are so affordable.  The hair cuts range in price from $8.00 for kids to more than $20.00 for adults, depending on the services you request. 
Service and friendliness is very important to me and that's just what I found at The Riverside Marketplace Great Clips salon in Jacksonville, Florida.  If I had one suggestion it would be that they could use a few more magazines in the waiting area especially for hair design.  But hey, if that's my biggest complaint you can bet I will be going back again.

So I was in and out with in 45 minutes.  Not only that but when I paid to check out I was given a new Schick Quattro Titanium Disposable Razor and a $2.00 off coupon for my next visit.  Who knew?  Now I can go home and continue to pamper myself with a close clean shave too.

And Great Clips has a Great sweepstakes going on now!  How would you like to win FREE Haircuts for a YEAR?!!!  Well here's your chance.  Just click on the banner below and enter.  Who knows, I might be reading that you're the next winner.  They are choosing a winner each month.  Woo-hoo!!!

After Great Clips got me all dolled up (ha-ha) we continued on our Freescaped with dinner at Olive Garden and another surprise in my mailbox.  So come back tomorrow to hear part II of my Freescapade.

Thanks Great Clips for the opportunity and the great service!

Hugs Ya'll...............Tracy :)
Disclosure:  I was provided a gift card from Great Clips to assist in my review of their salon.  All statements are my true and honest opinions.

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