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Friday, December 17, 2010

Country Cabin Christmas Tree

This year the outside of our house didn't get decorated at all.....but the inside got a double dose.  This is the tree I put up in the dining room.  I love a colored lit tree and I had a lot of country, cabin, fishing type ornaments so a few years ago I bought this one.  It's thinner to fit in the space.  I would still love to have a feather tree.  I've taken pictures of more ornaments that are special to me.  The tree's filled with teddy bears, and black bears, birds and fishing, boating items.  This one reminds me more of a kids tree.  It also reminds me of Neils brother who passed away a few years ago.  William loved fishing and even hunting.  He loved the outdoors.  He always made me feel so welcomed in the family.  Neil misses him so much and I couldn't help but tear up when I thought of him while decorating with these ornaments.  Even the angel on top has grapevine wings and a birdhouse!  I love the canoe with Santa inside and the fish hanging under it.  The little boy hanging a stocking at the fireplace is another of my Grandson Zack's ornaments.  It's hard to see in my photos but there are about 20 faux gingerbread snowflake iced cookies hanging on this tree too.

I really wish these pics were better.  There's a country church, several little snow topped cabins.  Lots of fish and several boats to remind us of our home here on the water.  There's even a fishing bob.  Little foam mittens made by the Grands to be cherished forever.  Ice cream cones, merry-go-round, and a gnome.  Some new and some thrift store finds.  All perfect little favorites that made me smile when I found them.  Do you see the little hallmark ornament with the kitty hanging from the brass birdcage.  That was a 25 cent find this year.  I thought is was too cute.

The horse is the ornament I choose for my Granddaughter Ki'a last year.  They had been living on a ranch in Nebraska the year before and loved having a horse.

The little Victorian boy in the airplane was an ornament chosen for Zack a few years back.

The snowman ornament was one I found for my son Ty to commemorate the year he was serving in Iraq several years ago.  Oh you can barely see the cute cuckoo clock to the right.  I just loved it and picked it up for a quarter this year too.  The snowman holding the "Think Snow" sign was homemade from a friend in a swap  years ago.

The little boy in his riding habit on the horse is another of Zack's (remember one new ornament each year).  Between you and me it really reminds me of his Dad a lot.  I had decorated Ty's room in fox hunting polo riding style when he was young.   Underneath the horse is a snow globe ornament with Santa in a canoe fishing inside.   I love the little birds drinking from the bird bath too.   I don't know what these cute black bears are made of.  It's a nature material like straw.

Here's Zack's horse ornament from last year.

Kia's little Victorian ornament to match Zacks the same year.  She's so cute.

I even have snow shoes to go with my woodsy theme.   Moose, doggies, birds all flock this tree.  And one of the Grandchildren's hand prints below. A precious felt acorn that a swap friend made last year.  I always think of Donna from Brynwood Needleworks when I hang it, even though it wasn't from her.  She just loves acorns.  A little toy rocking horse is just propped in the branches.

Now that it's all up on the tree, I think it's time to dress up the little fur bears hanging and sitting beneath.  I think they deserve new ribbons don't you?

I hope you enjoyed seeing my trees.  If you missed the first tree you can click here and read that post.


  1. Tracy what a beautiful sentimental tree!! I love it when the ornaments mean something to the person..and not just a colored theme.

    Wished we lived closer to share our holidays!!

    Hugs and lovin..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Hi Tracy,

    Wow, two tree's......I didn't even get a real one this year. I've been so busy, I only got a little pre-lit 4' white tree up, and I didn't even pull out my ornaments. You have some wonderful ornaments. Have a great holiday, and stop over to see what I've been doing.


  3. wow what a tree just loaded with special ornaments, very nice. That moose you have I have just make one in felt in the exact shape I took from a key holder on my wall in the mud room.