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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cheryl's Having A Giveaway - YIPPEE!

How could I be so late in finding out about this.  Oh' yeah, that's right I never get blog hop time anymore.  Shoot, I can't even get post on my own blog time.  But luckily I found it when I just stopped by to see what my sweet friend was up too.  Cheryl over at Zany-Mayd is having a big ole' just because, vintage giveaway!  Oh lots and lots of fun goodies to wish for.  And I just love the comment question she's asked readers, "Every blog name has a story, What's Yours"?  It's fun just reading everyone's answers.  So go by and let us know how you chose your blog name too.  You may just be the winner of gaggle of goodies!

Can  you believe Christmas is only 3 days away?  Where did December go?  Hope y'all are enjoying the spirit and fun of the season.  What a miracle we celebrate when we celebrate our Christ birth.

Warm, Warm Hugs Y'all.....Tracy :)

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  1. Hi Tracy, wishing you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year from a very snowy Dublin. Carol xoxo