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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Under the Weather or Sheets

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to let ya'll know, that I'm partially here. I try to check in every now and then but I've been sick and not really up too much. I can't wait to get better so I can post and share my very first award with ya'll. Plus I won and receive a wonderful giveaway package and I have lovely swaps to share with you when I feel better.

So don't forget me while I'm out of circulation, cause I'm always thinking about ya'll.

Hugs and hope you all have the best weekend. Love, Tracy :)


  1. Dear Tracy ~ Can't possibly forget about you - you're much too special!! I really care about you, sweet Friend and will try to visit with you more often. I've been bad about that lately mainly because I'm having a hard time right now - but know that I so appreciate your faithful checking in on me. It means so very much.

    Now you must rest and no stressing about your blog. It should be a blessing for you and not an obligation and burden to get uptight about. (I'm talking to myself here too! This is good advice and I need to take it too.)

    Bless your heart - and all other body parts too! Will be praying for you...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  2. Tracy,

    So glad you came by to see me. I will be checking things out here.

    You are so welcome for the baby shoe tutorial. It really is great to not have to spend a lot for that look.

    blessings new friend.

    barbara jean

  3. hope your back to normal real soon...we will still be here...

  4. Congrats on winning a giveaway! So much fun while waiting for a package to come! Can't wait to see what you won, and your sweet swap treasures. Take care, hope you feel better soon, please take a nap on your beautiful front porch for me sometime. (I am trying not to covet your front porch.) Or your weather!!!

  5. Awww Tracy, I sure hope you start feeling better soon girl. Rest up and take care of yourself and of course we will miss your pretty face around blog land :)
    Hurry up though, I want to see what all you won!!! Okay, take your time and rest up as I know when you show us, I'll be jealous ;)
    Despite being under the weather, I hope you still have a wonderful weekend~
    everything vintage

    ps...can you watch the Saints game from under your sheets??? :))))

  6. Hey Tracy,

    Hope you are feeling better soon, No fun being Sick..... Just rest up & take it easy, We'll be waiting for you to return~
    take care