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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bloggers Syndrome

I hope you can see this whole picture. I don't remember where I found this image it's been so long. But I love it. I would love to have a secret garden and a place where you could just stumble upon this amazing sculpture. I just thought this perfectly symbolizes how I feel in this blog post. I just can't keep up with Martha and I'm beginning to think ya'll might have her beat.

When I was younger, it was Martha Stewart syndrome and now it's bloggers syndrome. I was so naive in the early years of Martha. Like most women I thought she is amazing, how does she do it all. What a failure I am ~ I don't have that energy. Well neither did she. You would have to be inhuman to make 40 hours fit into 24. Admittedly she does have incredible amounts of energy but if you think that her house and family were bright and shiny with fresh baked Christmas ornaments well how wrong you would be.

You'd think I would have learned but no I'm now blinded by the glitzy shine of it all. I can't stop looking and I keep thinking how are they doing it all. I don't even have children at home. How do you look and create, much less keep a home or have a real life. I just love blogging. I too would love to get paid or even perks for it but for now I'm just pedaling as fast as I can trying to catch up.

There are so many wonderful giveaways out there and I want to share them with everyone but right now it seems I'm barely keeping up just leaving a basic post myself. I've got lots of things I've worked on that I'd like to post soon. And I'm going to try to get you a big ole' list of giveaways posted too. Stay tuned and try to stay warm. This is the craziest weather.

Love ya'll.....Tracy :)


  1. Tracy, we love you just the way you are, no worries about being "Martha". just stay Tracy. NO one can do it all. I prefer "sanity" over perfection any ol' day!

  2. Tracy...

    Your post really made me think.

    I do what I can do and nothing more. My kids are grown but IF I'm on my computer BLOGGING too much and too long then I don't get work done. And...if I don't work then our income suffers. The same is true for working in my home. If I don't balance out what I love to do with what I need to do then everything falls apart.

    I love your Bloggie and you just the way you are. I am your FAN. I might also add I am not one of Ms. M!

    Love to you~


  3. Wow...you made me think also. I have been on a "trip" lately that my crafting, my house, my life are not up to par compared to all my fellow bloggers I follow. Just this very instant realized that before blog world i was for the most part very happy with all of the above and thought it was all quite nice! I need to remember my bible and not be envious or covet. Thank you for the wonderful post :)
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Beautiful picture...it looks so peaceful. No one can keep up with Martha, she has a staff of hundreds to think up her ideas for her. You are just the way God made you and that is the best you there is.

  5. I know exactly what you mean! So many of the blogs I read seem to pop out new projects everyday. Meanwhile it took us 6 months to finish my coffee table! I love blogging, but its definitely time consuming. I could get a lot more done if I'd get off of here. (My husband would probably faint to know I just admitted that!)

  6. Tracy I found this post on MS. I have ofter felt this way too about MS, how does she do everything so darn perfect it's not possible of course she doesn't. She has lots of help with professionals who can decorate those too perfect cookies, and do you really think she cleans and organizes her own home? I would bet she supervises and has a lot of assistance. I wish she would give us a break and be a little more normal like the rest of us.