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Monday, December 21, 2009

Rebecca for Vintage Living: Birthday Giveaway

Just in case you haven't heard already let me fill you in. Rebecca for Vintage Living is having a giveaway to celebrate her birthday. Not only is she sweetly giving presents away, she's giving away 7 to celebrate the 7 days between her birthday and Jesus'. Just look at the this beautiful star she created. I just found out about her blog and I'm so glad I did because I know it's one that I will be visiting often. Just click here or on the star button on my sideboard to stop by and wish her Happy Birthday and enter her giveaway. Even without a giveaway you'll be glad you did!

Good luck. Hugs....Tracy :)


  1. Tracy, what a wonderful comment to find this morning. You have warmed my heart. I still can't believe you love her as I do. Of course, you can use her. Thank you for your kind words. I'm looking forward to another really nice swap after the new year. Perhaps there will be a Val. one the shows promise.
    Warm wishes for a blessed Christmas,

  2. Hi Tracy,
    I'm back, and "Yes Virgina, I lived through it so far, so there must be a Santa Claus!" I wish you a blessed week, I'll talk to you soon.

    P.S. I had the same plan as you and like you it looks like my tokens of love are going to be New Year blessings as well! ;>

  3. just found your blog----how gorgeous is that STAR? such talent, huh?