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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi ya'll! I just found this giveaway and wanted to hurry and let you all know before time runs out. All Scrapbook Steals - The Blog: November Giveaway is loaded with over $150.00 worth of scrapbooking items from companies like BasicGray, Fancy Pants, Making Memories and more.
Here's the important part: Entries will be accepted until Dec 4th and a winner will be drawn on Dec 5th.
As much as I want to win this, it's always fun sharing the news with my friends. If I don't win, maybe one of you will. And there's always the bonus of the extra entry for blogging about it. (blush).
Hugs to you all....Tracy :)


  1. Tracy dear,
    Thank you for the warm wishes. Seems like I'm never able to come up for air before more things strike at home. With the oldest son away from home 1900 miles things become more difficult. My biggest hope is they all stay together on one front and lean on each other for comfort and support. I'd hate to see the kids divide or argue and sadly it happens. Love, Lori

  2. Hey Miss Cotton Pickin' Cute, just wanted to come by and say Hi, miss your posts! Hope everything is going well with you. You are such a dear!
    love you bunches,

  3. Tracy ~ Yay!!!! You're back! I'm so glad - I've been thinking about you. Just stopped by for a tiny minute to say Hi to you - now I'm going to run over to this giveaway and sign up for that - then I've got to get back to bed (insomnia!) - it's 3:35 a.m.!!! Gads....

    Cynthia K.

  4. WOW that's a GREAT giveaway! Thanks for the info!!

    BTW, do you feel like there's a lot of Trac(e)y's in blogland? I can't believe how many I've "met"...

    :) T

  5. Dear sweet Tracy, thank you so much for your precious comment....you truly are an angel, one who uplifts others, always with an encouraging word and smile ~ I'll pray for you dear friend, for your health, for peace and love ~ and no, you don't sound desperate at all hon, you sound as though you are tiring of your situation...I will pray for direction and blessings for you dear friend. I would be honored if you took the verse photo and placed it in your sidebar!!! I wish I could give you a big ol' hug sweetie....much love, Dawn