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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Bouqs Flower Delivery - Easy - Beautiful - Affordable

Disclosure:  I received my beautiful Bouqs flowers to facilitate my review.  As always all opinions are 100% my own.

I first shared The Bouqs Company with you during our Mother's Day gift guide a couple of weeks ago.  The Bouqs were kind enough to sponsor a giveaway to one of our lucky winners.  Now I want to share my gorgeous Bouq with you and tell you how great I think their service is.

The Bouqs Company is unlike any other floral delivery service out there. This awesome company does something no other florist does.  Keep reading and I'll tell you more.

Only 7 days after ordering my flowers, they arrived in this attractive box.  Presentation is everything.

I'll share a little secret with you.  I've always loved the old movies like The Philadelphia Story with Katharine Hepburn and I always dreamed of receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a box at my door.  This goes back to my preteens, yes I'm that much of a romantic.  So I really enjoyed getting these.  A simple dream come true.
When I first saw the little crushed area on the box I was a bit concerned, okay - scared.  Scared that my precious delicate flowers were going to be tattered.  
Well there was no need to worry.  The Bouqs knows that shipping is a risky business.  That's why they've put the forethought into designing a sturdy box, and securely strapping them in so they don't shift during shipping.
The Bouqs came up with the unique concept of shipping the fresh cut flowers directly from the farm.  Take mine for instance, they're from the Volcano Collection, meaning they are shipped to me directly from the side of a mountain in South America! Crazy, right?

So how do they arrive so fresh?  The Bouqs Co. ships via cold storage, which means they are kept at 4 degrees.  In other words your flowers are in a sleep state until the last leg of their journey to you.  If you order from the California Collection, those flowers will be overnighted to your destination in less than 24 hours.  Now that's what I call FRESH!  And that's what makes The Bouqs so unique.
I decided that I'd like my flowers to have a cottage feel.  I gathered my supplies consisting of an old galvanized watering pail, a vase, and scissors.  The company also provided a package of flower food to keep them looking good.  It sure worked.
You can see how each of the showpiece stems were protected with a straw like piece of plastic and nylon netting.

I followed the simple instructions on the side of the box and cut my stems under running water. Next I sat the vase inside the watering pail and added the flowers.
This was no little bouquet.  There was no skimping on flowers.  They sent plenty and my arrangement turned out beautiful!  The colors are deep and bright.  And I smiled every time I looked at it.  Fresh flowers make you feel special.  We all deserve to feel special even if we send them to ourselves.  Like I say....Happiness comes in blooms.
After day 4 my flowers showed no sign of slowing down, so I decided to change them up a bit.
By just taking them out of the bucket and enjoying them in my crystal vase, I felt like I had a whole new Boug.  And the colors were just as brilliant as the day they arrived.
I enjoyed my amazing Bouq for a full 9 days!!  I've never had a local floral delivery last that long!  I was beyond impressed and so was Neil.  I can't image ordering flowers any other way from now own.

The Bouqs concept is a simple fresh new approach to flowers:

  • Arrives a few days after cut vs 14+ elsewhere
  • From eco-friendly, sustainable & responsible farms
  • Cut only when you order, so no wasted stems
The Volcano Collection starts at $40 and it's alway FREE delivery.  Affordable and beautiful.  It's a win-win!!

Warm hugs y'all...
Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.
~ 1 Peter 3:4


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