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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sand & Sun = Summer Fun

Sometimes living in Jacksonville just makes me happy.

Happy to have the mix of old Southern Oak trees lending me their shade, while having the ocean close enough to dip my toes into.

Memorial day brought the crowds out, more than I remember seeing in years.  This is the closest I've sat next to strangers on the beach since my 20 year old party days.

There were lots of kite surfers.  It's funny on the beach I just have to point and shoot with my camera, because I can't see a thing on those little digital screens in the sun.  I think I liked the things I found in the picture that I wasn't trying to take the best.  Like the new family above.

The winds were gusty and cool with storms rolling in. A perfect day with temps in the high 80's.  The storms had the sea churning too.  If it's a hot day, the beach is just minutes away.  Like I said - love Jax.

There were at least 5 kite surfers out there.  Looks like they were going to have some sore arms when they got home.  But I'm still enjoying the dad in the right hand corner riding his son like an airplane while mommy takes the picture.

Kids without a care in the world enjoying the never ending sea.

Dad taking the time to teach his son to surf.  A lifelong connection being made between father, son & sea.

Turquoise - be still my soul!

I could spend all day in the shops.

After a long stroll on the beach we came across this guy.

I've never seen a dog bury his head in the sand.  He was totally oblivious to us.

He cracked me up!  It's hard to leave the beach unhappy.

Livin' the salt life y'all...

Praise the Lord from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depth.
~ Psalm 148:7


  1. Now that looks like somewhere I need to be! I love the ocean. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Fun at the beach! Wonder what that dog was going after?