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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Come In & Warm Up At the Hot Cocoa Bar

It's the chill in the air that rings in the Christmas season.  It's that same chilly air that got me thinking that it's time for some hot beverages.
Having a beverage station sitting there, reminds me to stop and take a break.  Ever since I set it up, Neil and I've enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee every night.
It's so easy to put together. I already had all the supplies on hand.  It was as easy as going to the pantry.  I had lots of hot chocolate packets that I just emptied into a vintage glass jar and hung a spoon with it.  The coffee and sugar were already in their everyday glass jars.

I needed jars for my creamer and chocolate chips. That was easy, I keep lots of jars on hand.  But they needed a little cheer.  Just spray the lid with spray adhesive and wrap with Christmas paper and trim with ric-rac.

Now for a little labeling.  The big jars called for a little bigger label.  So I used some small doilies and laced them with bakers twine.  Perfect for my red & white Christmas theme.
For the other containers, I just punched 2" circles and added glitter to the edges.  For the cinnamon stick jar, I covered the threads on the top of plain jar by gluing on a chenille stem.
I filled a planter with a selection of teas.  And you have to have a snack, so a little tray of crackers and a jar of popcorn is just right.
And yes, my coffee maker is old school.  Do you hear that #Keurig & #Tassimo?  This reviewer is talking to y'all.

Check out the Tole Tray to Christmas Serving Tray Makeover HERE and see more Christmas DIY HERE.

It's really nice to have a beverage bar set up during the holidays.  It's self serve and so convenient when friends and family stop by.

Take a break and enjoy some cocoa y'all.


  1. Hi Tracy, Aren't you the clever one, I love this idea... I am not a coffee or even tea drinker, but I do love Hot Cocoa, especially with a candy cane to stir it with..... Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked my Snowman & the Santa ~ I loved creating both of them, I lost count on how many bricks I rolled out of paper clay, cut, dried & painted before even gluing them all on and then piping between like Motar! Then the Santa & all the toys (the head of the clown was a cupcake topper) I just finished another Snowbody tonight for a friends B-Day, she had a moving sale not long ago & I took several things and incorporated 2 old tin molds & a Faucet handle & Celebrate sign.... I'll add a photo later this weekend.
    Have a lovely weekend, I'm going to do some major cleaning, since I
    am the Messiest Crafter Ever!

    1. I can't believe you created that Santa in the chimney Cheryl!! That's so amazing. Girl you have wicked talent!!! I could give you a run for your money on that messiest crafter biz. :)

  2. Tracy, I love your hot chocolate and treat bar. I love how you set it up and decorated the jars, very clever indeed! All the special hot chocolate accompaniments like choc chips, peppermint, etc..it's all well organized and put together. A must do on my list.