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Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Candy Centerpiece - You Can Make Too!

Every house deserves a touch of Halloween, inside & out. Let's make an eerie centerpiece that's only a Casper level eerie.
Halloween is the first of the big "3" when the weather starts changing.  It gives us all a chance to reminisce about fun and silliness of our own childhoods and share that fun tradition with our own children.  Just throw all your goodies on the table and begin.
I gather everything and see what works.  I used the trifle dish/vase and an old glass milk jug.  It was round but again - we use what works around here.

These containers are clean but you can't expect a 70 year old milk jug to look better than this.  Insert the small glass container inside the larger one.  Start filling it up with candy and if you're like me you, change your mind (danged ocd) pour it out and start again.
Let's pretend that the photo above is upright, because it's showing upright in photobucket and I've refreshed reposted and done everything I can but it doesn't want to play right here.  And frankly it's that or I scream.  Maybe the tech elves when come during the night an magically fix it for me.
Just keep filling that jar, right to the top.  When you get to top very carefully add water to the center vase.  You don't want to get your candy wet.  Add your flowers and it's done. Surrounded on a wicker plate with fresh apples and a crow has me picturing the Evil Queen from Snow White stopping by to grab one.
This is such a really easy project unless your OCD like me and then you could spend hours on it.  Sometimes I just have to walk away - but hey that's just me.

Here's a list of the items I used:

  • Bloody Bones - Target
  • Gummy Eyeballs - Target
  • Ghost Peeps - Target
  • Pumpkin Sweet-tarts - Target
  • Dark Chocolate Kisses - Walgreens (love the purple)
  • Fresh Flowers - Publix

* The flowers only cost $3.49 and I didn't even use the whole bunch.  The ferns came from my yard.

Fall is just made for crafting and DIY projects and that's what we're going to concentrate on this week.  I'll be back tomorrow with something new.

Now I wasn't creative enough to come up with this all by myself.  Pinterest is my addiction and my nightmare.  I can't give it up and I will never be able to do all I find.  But I could resist making my own version of
Destri's Halloween candy & flower centerpiece HERE. Thanks for sharing Destri!!

Have Fun Y'all...
@Publix, @Target, @Walgreens

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