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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuesdays Style After 30 On Wednesday

Do you ever look at magazines and wonder how your favorite celebrities look seem to always look so put together, even when they're just out getting their latte fix and dragging their perfect children behind them?

Well it's not magic and they certainly weren't born perfect.  They have something we less famous women have.  They have access to stylists.  Yes someone gets paid to make people look totally in trend and beautiful.

Even though most of us can't afford our own stylist, I don't know anyone who can, we can still learn a few simple rules that will help us become our own stylist.

Shape:  Colors and the design of the fabric always catch our eye but shape is really should be your first focus when shopping.  You should spend time learning what your shape is.  Once you figure that out and yes come to terms with what it is, not what you wish it was, then you can learn how to enhance it.  Most women wear clothes that are sized too small hoping that this will make them appear smaller or too big hoping to hide something.  Neither is flattering.  You clothes shouldn't pull or cling to you, nor look like you borrowed them  from someone twice your size.  Take the dress above which has been drawn in at the waist making a nice waistline.  I normally don't like chevron patterns, I know I'm probably the only one who doesn't, but I love this dress!!  My first chevron like.

Shoes:  Wear a shoe with a heel - even if it's a small one.  The higher the heel, the slimmer (and taller-lol) you'll look.  A heel elongates your legs and forces you to wall with your shoulders back, which creates a much more pleasing posture as you walk.  If you don't feel comfortable in heels look for a platform style instead.  Even a loafer with a slight heel looks more polished than one without.

Of course you can't wear heels with everything.  I just think these tennis' are adorable.  Lovin' that color!

More Shape Tips: If you have wide shoulders look for a V-neck shirt.  The deeper, careful girls, the V the more narrow your shoulders will look.  It's a trick of the eye.  By exposing a bit of skin below your neck, it draws the eye downward giving the illusion of a more vertical silhouette, instead of focusing on the width of your shoulders.

Source: polyvore.com via Tracy on Pinterest

For a petite person, remember shorter tops will give you a longer look over all.  The last thing a petite figure wants to wear is a mid-thigh lenght top.

Color:  When shopping try to get out of your comfort zone with color.  We all tend to get in a bit of a rut.  I bet if you look in your closet you'll find an overwhelming number of pieces in the same color family.  That doesn't mean you have to buy a color that just doesn't work with your skin tone, maybe you could add a pop of color in your shoes or hand bag.

Do try to look for brighter colors for your shirts and dresses that will brighten your face. You'll be surprized by the compliments and how much younger you'll appear.  Something that compliments your skin tone of course.  Sales people can be very helpful if you explain what that you're looking for something to compliment you skin.

Mix it up.  The old rules of your shoes and your handbag must match have been thrown out the window.  There are no steadfast rules anymore.  Pops of unexpected color, as in the orange loafers with the blue and white outfit above, are like a breath of fresh air.  It's says you're comfortable with change ( a youthful symbol).

As I said above there are no steadfast rules which means just because you have new options it doesn't mean that the old rules are passe'.  Classic never goes out of style. Pulling everything together with the same color family always gives provides a chic, elegant look like the one below.

I hope some of these tips help you next time you head out the door.  Spend a little time in your closet and see what you can switch around.  Mix and match and create new outfits with what you already have.

Do you have some tips you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear your idea's.

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