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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday's Style After 30 - Get Your Red, White and Blue On

I kid you not, the 4th of July is just over a week away! Do you plan what you're going to wear or are you just a fly by your seat kinda gal?  

Well here's some Pinterest Red, White and Blue inspiration to get y'all started.  I adore this pretty patriotic frock!  I think there are so many different belt styles you could add to it.  Patent leather red or navy would be pretty.  Or what about a navy or natural rope belt with a nautical theme latch on the front.
Source: rstyle.me via Tracy on Pinterest

Here's another cute dress that looks so cool and summery.  Add a big blue beaded  necklace or earrings to set the 4th theme.  A belt would work with this one too.

I'm in love with this blue blouse.  The drape is so pretty and would enhance any ones figure.  It looks like it might be a crepe de chine fabric.  With the heat that we have during this time of year I would pair it with white shorts instead, take away the shoes and bangles, and add a red bag.  As far as jewelry, I'd again look for a red bauble necklace or something with stars to complete the holiday theme. Some pretty sandals with a metal starfish design would be the perfect footwear.

Another top that that accentuates your waist and bust line.  You may want to avoid the flare if hips are an issue for you.  It seems to be my problem as of late (well it may be more of a derrière thing).  I adore the simple all American red plaid design on the fabric but with a twist.  It also looks like it's crepe de chine to me. Again I would go with shorts or capris, or for a dressier affair a white pencil skirt would be impressive.  Of course you know what I'm going to say next... Be sure to add that touch of blue, it is all about the day! I'd go with a nature straw bag.  Change the shoes to sandals or a simple heel if your wearing a skirt. 

Chambray is always in fashion and it's the official all American go to.  We American's love our denim. The bag is perfect but the shoes and earring have to go.  I'll let you have your way with those. My ideas would be seashells such as starfish again or possibly sand dollars or even a nautical look with an anchor or rope design.

I can't get away with the jacket here.  I mean when the fireworks are going off it's still in the 80's here.  But this would be great for any of you with cooler evenings. Love the snappy sandals.

Okay before you think I've lost my mind and decide to tell me about it, yes I know it's not Memorial Day.  Just go with me people - we're looking for a red, white and blue theme.  This blouse is more in keeping with my weather.  It looks like it's effortless and comfortable to wear.  The blouse is loose and the shorts aren't too short.  If I was going to carry a clutch bag I would chose a woven natural linen or straw. Add blue using different jewelry, sandals or even a tie in your hair.

I'm not sure about the belt with this top at least not in Patent leather.  Maybe it's because the belt looks hiked up so high too.  I'm petite at 5'3, so I'd have to hem this. But this top certainly has drape and a pleasing look.  I love this style on someone like my mom who was 5'9" tall.  (My son's 6'2" and yes I've got height envy). The earrings are a little too orange. Pair this with grasshoppers or deck shoes instead. Let's switch the pants to capris or shorts and call it done.

Chambray with red and white plus a nautical theme.  Need I say more?  Well we will have to find a longer pair of shorts.

Source: polyvore.com via Tracy on Pinterest

This last outfit is all about the dress and belt.  Love them!!  The shoes are okay and I like the bag alot just not with this dress.  The bow and glasses must go unless you're dressing your 6 year old and then please don't give her these glasses.  Remember how I said a belt would go great with the first dress.  I didn't even realize it until now but this was totally the belt I was describing!  Serendipity!!

There you go with my picks for an All American Girl outfit.  If you put one together I'd love you to share so I can pin it.

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Whatever you wear this 4th of July just make it fun and be safe.
Hugs Y'all...
Tracy ♥


  1. Loving all your red, white and blue! Great choices! Thanks for popping over recently. Hope you have a great day! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Great Independence Day outfit ideas. I love when the kids are all dressed up in red, white and blue. Why not join the fun? Thank you for the great ideas. :)