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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesdays Style After 30

Finding your style after you're 30 isn't always easy.  And even though I'm well um-hum a little past 30, I know a lot of my readers are in their 20's  to 60's and I thought this would appeal to a large group.  

So I've pinned a few things that still look stylish but are a little more covered and age suitable.  And coral is my go to hot color for the time being.  Like this outfit below.

What do you think?  Haaa-haaa-ha!  I had you going for a minute.  Yeah, I did go ahead and admit it.  Really though I think there has to be some common ground between the outfit above (which I would have never worn at any age, just in case you're wondering) and the outfits below.

Now lets see what you think of the outfits I really like.  While this dress might be a bit to young for me (I would have so rocked this a few years back) I absolutely love it for some of you younger chic's.  The earrings are so perfect with it.

I love this chic coral print dress.  LOVE!  I think you could even change it up a bit with a thin mint belt.  Wouldn't mint heels as well as the expected taupe or coral look great?

I think nearly everyone looks great in coral.  Summer tans really stand out in this color.  The flow of this fabric is fabulous.

Chic casual is what this outfit is all about.  Again the fall of the fabric on this top is so chic.

Admittedly I can wear heels this high anymore (oh' and I was such a heel girl too) but this entire outfit has the look of a casual classic.  I would have to change the pants out for less skinny and a more straight leg style.

This is an quick easy look that will make you look so pulled together for an afternoon of running errands.

A girl has to have a nice work outfit too.  Not that this would be limited to work. Totally classy outfit!  Like I said before coral is my favorite color right now and I love it mixed with mint!

A night out at the movies or even dancing calls for something with a little more umph.  I think this has that something special.

Beautiful outfit for church or cocktails at an art museum. I would either change the shoes out with these accessories or vise-versa.
Source: bmodish.com via Tracy on Pinterest

A girls got to remember the finishing touches.  The silver strips on the coral polish is just the right splash of bling and would work with every outfit here.
Source: pshiiit.com via Tracy on Pinterest

Hey you could even dress your man in coral.

Hope you enjoyed Tuesday's Style After 30.  Let me know so we can do it again next week.

Hugs Y'all... 


  1. I love the outfits and the coral and mint colors are so pretty.

  2. Love all the outfits. I try so hard to get out of my comfort zone of black! Black seems to be my basic color for everything and looking at the coral makes me want to run out and by me some coral. Love the outfits you picked out. The guy was pretty hot too! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy