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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesdays Style After 30 Talks White After Memorial Day

Pull out those whites girls!  Memorial day officially marks the white season.

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Oh' I know they say that the old rule of no white before Memorial day and after labor day is outdated.  They say to throw those rules out the window but being the good Southern lady I was raised to be they still sing out in my head.

Spending hours a few moments on Pinterest and it will have you in a fever pitch to fill your closet with cool white pieces.

Looking for outfits after 30 40+ is a lot harder than I thought.  I know our bodies have changed, even though I sometimes forget that until I look in the mirror, but wow the selection is a lot smaller than I would have ever thought.

I mean there are a lot of us out there still shopping, remember the baby boom era.  Where do the stores think this women are getting their clothes?  They're certainly not working hard to give us choices.  It's like they think we go straight from barely covering up to wearing awful polyester pants with elastic waistbands and gaudy floral tops made of more cheap polyester.  We don't all have arthritis and even if we do that doesn't mean we don't care about what we look like.  Am I right?

So what I'm saying is come on designers give us some more options.  I can still walk in a store and see dozens of outfits that I love but I am reasonable and realize that I would look ridiculous in them.

So all the outfits I'm showing you are ones I've pinned that I believe I might get away with wearing.  Well once I spend sometime doing something I never had to before....Tightening up my arms!!! (and a few other spots).
Source: zulily.com via Tracy on Pinterest

Yeah, I'm kinda stretching it on this swimsuit.  I'm sure I'm past the high cut point.  Other than that this suit is almost doable too.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Tuesdays Style After 30, even if it was on Wednesday, oops...  Did you wait to bring the whites out this year?  Does yellow make you happy? Let me know what's the dominate color in your closet.

Make it a great day Y'all!

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