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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Summer Days at Atlantic Beach

What's one of the first things you want to do when you leave New York and move to Florida.  Why go to the beach of course!
Neil and I have had the best summer with so much family around.  We got to spend a whole 2 months with my sister's family staying in here in Jacksonville.  I got to spend time with nieces and nephews we never get to see.  Then just a couple of weeks after they left our daughter-in-law Christal and our 2 grand kids moved back.  We couldn't be more thrilled!!!  My son Ty will soon be here and it's going to feel so complete.  My heart is so full, it could burst!
These kids didn't skip a beat.  It was like they've spent their whole lives in the ocean.  The rough ocean had the beach littered with seaweed. There are so many good and healthy things about the beach.  
  • It's great for your sinus',  it really opens them up.  
  • The salt water will help heal wounds so much faster.  
  • The sandy beach is like getting a mini foot scrub and gets rid of all the hard skin and your tooties are clean and pretty.  
  • Just the smell and soothing roar of the ocean makes you feel miles away from everything and provides total relaxation.  I mean, just look at the photo's.  You point your chair towards the sea and there is nothing as far as you can see.  Your mind totally relaxes!  
  • And best of all, studies have proven that the ocean water is excellent for Cystic Fibrosis patients.  It helps to break up all the mucus in their lungs.  This is a great thing for Zach!
These kids bring back so many memories of my own childhood.  I spent the most wonderful summers at the beach with my sister and cousins.  Countless hours on the beach from sunrise till sunset.  I love the thought that when these kids are old they'll be cherishing the same memories and thinking we had so much fun at the beach.
I love these faces!!
Worries all disappear for an afternoon.
The moon rising over Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville.  It looked so much bigger in person.
Zach being silly at the park.

I love this sculpture of a boy riding the porpoise.  Or is it a dolphin?  Shouldn't I know the difference by now?
My little fashionista.  I keep smiling at these happy faces!
Time to head home all tuckered out with the moon at our backs.....

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  1. What a sweet time with the family! Your pictures speak for themselves! So glad you got to enjoy this time. Hugs and blessings, Cindy