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Friday, May 25, 2012

She's Got Issues Review (and so do I)

She's Got Issues.  Never heard that one before, right?

I've not only heard it before, but I have to admit that I've said it about people a time or two.  But hey, I've said it about myself, to myself, maybe a gazillion times or two.  Admit it, you know you've got issues.  Who of us doesn't.  If you don't have any, please email me,and let me know.  We’ve all got our issues!  Most of us just don't let people know about them,  if we can help it.

In "She's Got Issues" author Nicole Unice explores five (and a half) everyday issues that can hold you back from living free and loving well: 
  • control
  • insecurity
  • comparison
  • fear 
  • anger (along with its cousin, un-forgiveness) 
Nicole is a mom, ministry leader, counselor, and friend, who has spent over a decade studying and teaching about the way women relate to God. 

I wanted to review this book because of the topic and the author.  I like the fact that she's not a clinical psychologist but a Christian woman, and a blogger who reminds you more of a next door neighbor.  Someone who shares her issues and discoveries with you.

These issues steal our joy and keep us living in self-doubt and confusion.  Who needs that, right?  Nicole reminds us that the power of Christ can transform us.  As Christians, we don't face these issues alone, we have access to the power of Christ.  
The important, game changing point is that we decide to face them.  We teach our children that ignoring a problem never makes it go away.  Isn't it time we followed our own advice.   We don't have to keep feeling like we're never living up to what others think or even what we think, we should be.  Nicole shares with us, her search in dealing with her issues.

My hope is that other women, like me, will pick up a copy of this book and use is a guide tool.  Sometimes the problems we think we have are so overwhelming because we've spent so much time wringing our hands over them.  If we could just step back and look at them through someone else's eyes, we'd be able to see how insignificant they really are.  Let's take the power away from the mind gremlin and give it to Christ where it belongs.

I also, really like the quizzes and other personal assessment tools that were included in this book.  I recommend it for anyone who struggles with self-worth issues.  Yeah, I'm talking about you.
Disclosure: I received this complimentary copy of She’s Got Issues, for reviewing purposes from Tyndale House.  All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. OK, did you write this specificaly for me? LOL
    Sounds like something I need to look into

  2. Boy, does a retreat sound good! Only problem, I wouldn't want to return!! LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Tracy, thanks so much for such a warm review of the book! I am praying that God uses it to bring you to a greater dependence on him!