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Sunday, September 12, 2010

French is in the Air

I'm from the South and we all know there is a lot of French in the Louisiana part of the South but North Florida isn't exactly where you'd expect to find it.  Well you can now....at my house!  Boy did I feel like the Queen Bee when I received this to-die-for French style pillow cover.  Isn't it just so pretty!  I was the lucky winner of Rhonda's giveaway at Blue Creek Home.  Doesn't it just make your day to receive a special package in the mail.  I am now the proud owner of a BCH original!!!

Rhonda had a giveaway because she reached 501 followers. That's reason to celebrate and boy am I glad she did.  Now she's well past that and on her way to her next mile stone.  

She gave the winner ***ME*** her bestselling, “BCH Original” pillow cover from The Shop @ Blue Creek Home.  I'm sure most of you know this sweet gal already.  I love to visit her blog and see what charming new creation she has come up with or what new decorating project she is working on.  You really should stop by and tour her beautiful home, virtually of course.  And check out The Shop @ Blue Creek Home, where you'll find her original creations as well as vintage items too.

Wait a minute.  Where do you think your going?  I'm not done yet.  As if that wasn't enough of a win there is something else.  

Rhonda was also celebrating the release of the new E-Magazine, “Belle Inspiration”.  The first issue will hit the internet news stands on September 15th!!!   Can you believe it I will be receiving, thanks to editor, Mimi  Bleu , a one year subscription to  “Belle Inspiration” E-magazine!!!!  I just can't wait to see the first issue.  I hope you run over to Belle Inspiration and take a peek too.  You can click on their name or the photo below.

 So thank you to both Rhonda of Blue Creek Home and to editor Mimi Bleu.  Don't be surprised if y'all hear me speaking French before the year's over.  Between the inspiration of Rhonda's pillow cover and Belle Inspiration, well I'm  just saying...............

Can you imagine my with my Southern twang trying to speak French.  That would be a hoot!

At Blue Creek Home you'll find a friend and I'm not just saying that because I won Rhonda's giveaway either.  She has a very loving heart and is just the type of person you hope to meet in blogland.  I feel so blessed by all the people I've been lucky enough to get to know here this last year.  VERY BLESSED!!!

Hope everyone's has a blessed and peaceful Sunday.  Warm hugs.........Tracy :)

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  1. Hi Tracy!
    What a beautiful prize you won, girlfriend! I can only imagine what you speaking French would sound like. ;-)
    Have a great Sunday and upcoming week.