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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cool and Easy Beach Break

We took the shortest little break yesterday and decided to pick up take out at the beach for dinner.  Even my terrible camera couldn't miss the beauty of the late afternoon sky.  The air has just cooled down from the 90's this week and is getting a little more seasonal, such as the mid 80's.  I love it because the colors come back.  When it's the middle of the summer here, the skys get all hazy from the heat and everything is a washed out gray.
I'm no meteorologist and have no idea what they might call these clouds but I call them spiritual.  They are just indescribably beautiful.  It just makes  you heart soar.
I love to hear the beach when the weather is stirring it up.  I love the roar and the smell especially in the late of the day.  The water was a churnin' yesterday .  

We are now at the peak of hurricane season with this active period in the tropics.  The surf has been steadily climbing today and it looks like by late tonight there will be 6 to 8 foot waves. On Sunday and Monday morning we will see the surf peak at 8 to 10 feet.  Rip currents which are undertows are what we have to worry about now.  Even the strongest swimmer can't fight that.  The only thing you can do is stay calm and go with it parallel to the shore.  Otherwise if you panic and fight it's just going to wear you out and take you under.  Scary stuff  I've been in a strong undertow but never enough to be scared. Unfortunately we've already lost lives this year due to riptides.
Look at those beautiful pinks and purples as the sun sets to the West.
 Still bright with the sun up but if you look East over the ocean there you'll find the moon ready to take over. I can almost see the man in the moon.
Look close, no please - not at me, see the surfers in the background.  Yep, those little black dots are surfers, you can't even see their surf boards.  

It's so rare for us to get out.  We picked up Popeye's chicken at the beach and sat in the car with a bit of the ocean view and ate.  My MIL isn't one for getting out of the car, so since the car was close enough to see her from the beach we walked down and spent about 5 lovely minutes.  (She wasn't happy, it was one of those "be my guest" comments).
It  seems when you step on the beach the tension begins to melt.  I can't believe it, I'm actually smiling.  Which was perfect for me after being sick with a three day tension headache.
Y'all know how I despise having my picture taken.  I am just not photogenic so this will be it most likely for the rest of the year.
If I had a week at the beach I would make it a week long retreat for my blogger friends to come and craft and laugh, swim and eat, shop and giggle.  The water is so much warmer by August this would be so much fun.
I hope y'all find something fun to laugh at this weekend.  Hugs......Tracy :)


  1. Tracy..thank you for showing beach pictures..there has been no money or time for us to go to the beach this year..it saddens me!! I agree with you..it just takes the burdens right off my shoulders to go there!!!
    Sorry about the MIL..her loss!!
    Now when you plan that party at the beach..I wanna come!!lol

    Which side of Florida are you on there?And yes the tropics are going to get going this week and next for a Gulpher..or so they keep saying!

    Your picture is adorable..I think you look just right!!!!

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Good for you for getting out and enjoying the beach. It says a lot about a person IF they are able to get out of a car and step foot on the beach and choose not to! ;) You look so nice in your pictures but I am the same way, I hate to have my picture taken. Oh, and I love Popeyes chicken! I heard in a recent AOL taste test that the Colonels chicken beat Popeyes, I just can't believe that. Have a wonderful week, hugs and blessings, Nan

  3. You look so cute on the beach Tracy, it was a perfect fit for you. You m-i-l sounds so much like mine, mad at anyone having time to themselves. I don't know why some old women get like this but they sure do, maybe it's part of the dementia. I haven't done much with crafts while this construction is going on. I'm very close now to being able to go into the new section, by next week Mon or Tue for sure. Hugs Nan

  4. Hi Tracy:
    Love the photos...especially of YOU! We were driving home from Williamsburg yesterday. We drove straight through, and including the 2 hour delay at Savannah (traffic jam), we got home at 4:30 this morning. We drove with the moon roof open all the way because the evening air was so wonderfully cool. The sky last night was incredible, and you caught the essence of it before darkness fell.
    Stay safe during this storm season. We'll do the same, my friend.

  5. Well Tracy if I looked half as great as you do I would be having my picture taken all the time!
    It's good you were able to get out even if it was just a bit...

  6. Thanks for visiting me Tracy. I've been reading through your blog. My mom lives with me and some days I just want to escape to the beach too. Do you have an adult day health care center...sort of babysitting for old folks? I've thought of looking into it when my mom has one of "her days' and I need to get away.

  7. Good for you to take some time and rejuvenate your spirit a bit on the beach. The sound of the ocean is just simply soothing, isn't it?

    I appreciate your taking the time to comment on my blog! Hope you have a wonderful day and that nasty headache you've had stays away...

  8. Tracy so hapy to see the images...so beautiful and that you are having R & R

    I have a Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  9. Hi Tracey- it's been awhile. FIrst, I must say, you are one pretty woman! I love your hair. The beach certainly agrees with you! I WISH WISH WISH we had bought a house on a lake here in Maine. It's been a rough summer, and I've been having serious buyers regret... oh well. I've been busy painting and doing cosmetic stuff. My weekend retreat was cancelled... if you're having one, count me in on the list. HUGS- Lee

  10. Tracy...so good to see your smiling face!!!! So hoping things are getting better for you!

    Light and love dear one,
    XOXO Keke