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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why Do They Look Like That and I Look Like This?

Have  you ever thought about what animal describes you best?  Or have you ever thought if I could come back as an animal , ____ is what I'd like to be?
Yep, you guessed it.  I always wanted to come back as a Giraffe.  Why, you ask.  Well I always think of them as being graceful.  They have that beautiful long neck.  And when you see them at the zoo, at least, for the most part they are slowly striding alone at a slow graceful pace.  Sort of regal, like a queen with her head held high and very self assured.
I'm pretty sure this comes from my lack of assurance.  Graceful, perhaps, but only if you see me from afar and only long enough for pleasantries.  Only to those who don't know me very well.

But step a little closer.  Stay a little longer and you'll see everything has more than one dimension.  
Yea, not exactly Emily Post at the table is she?  I never realized just how much they look like an overgrown camel.
That's the thing about it.  The thing we forget to take into account when we're just wishing and wanting.  The Lord made us all.  He didn't overdo the beauty of anything to the point of being so pristine that there was no character to them.  I think he knew it would be a pretty boring place if there was nothing we could laugh about.  Could you imagine a world of only graceful swans?  When you really like someone, I mean really enjoying being with them,  don't you find that the person with the most personality ends up being more handsome than the pretty boy.  Their inner beauty far outshines the other, to the point where you're saying he's just cuter.

This befuddled hound below is more how I see myself.  Still a puppy and always rushing head on into things before stopping to think things out.  Always a little klutzy and over eager, running with abandon with the thought if any, that if I take time to think about it, the fun's gone and the moments past.
Yep, I think God had it right, all along.  He knew exactly what he was doing and no animal was forever alone.  There's always someone else that see's the beauty in you, even though you think it's a flaw.
I grew up, got knocked about a bit by life's brutal honesty and I even lost that free child like spirit.  Way over thinking.  Way over worrying.

Today, I think I'll just try to forget all that stuff and find my un-jaded side.  Maybe look at me, without looking too hard.  I think this is who I want to be today.
Hope y'all enjoy the true you today too!  Love, hugs and smiles....Tracy :)


  1. Did you take that first pictures? It's wonderful. I can sit at the zoo for hours at the giraffes. So, glad to have popped by this early Sunday morning. I promise to stop in more often.

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  2. Thank you Tracy, what a GREAT post. The giraffe is a favorite of mine because of a childhood memory. I was prone to have sore throats and I told my mother one time I was glad I wasn't a giraffe with a sore throat, I guess I thought that would be a really BIG one.

    Have a God Filled Day

  3. Super cute post! I have always loved Giraffes, and still have the stuffed Giraffe my dad bought me when I was a baby! :)