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Thursday, March 3, 2011

MIL Update and Lots of Photos To Share

I want to thank all my friends that visit so regularly.  You all know who you are.  I also want to say my new followers have been noticed and are so appreciated.  I haven't forgotten anyone and don't want you to think I'm taking you for granted because y'all are my sunshine each day.  I've been trying to post on a more steady basis and that usually means going to bed close to day light and then sleeping late, jumping up and running again.  It's a vicious cycle.  Neil and I are both still fighting that nasty depression that wants to hold us down and keep us from facing the day too.  But that's okay, after long talks with Jesus, I know I'm not alone and feel better.  So don't lose faith in me because I will find time to get some visiting in this week or weekend.

Things have just been so busy lately.  Nadine was released from the hospital and sent back to the nursing home yesterday.  She is still on antibiotics and we're not sure what caused her sugar to spike like that but she is so very much better.  We aren't too happy with the nursing home she is in and have been out trying to check out some others and looking for one with an opening.  I don't think Florida can ever have enough nursing homes.  I can only imagine what it's like in South Florida.  Plus we have been trying to take care of legal paperwork, burial policies, etc.

Y'all remember me saying that I had made a little photo album for Nadine to look at?  Well, I never took pictures before giving it to her but it came home for repairs and I thought I'd share the photos with you.
The first one is of Neil's Mom and Dad on their wedding day, leaving the church.  This was 1941 or 1947.
 I love that picture of them smiling.  I included a copy of a page out of her wedding book too.
Neil's Dad wasn't here for long.  He died in a car accident when Neil was only 12 years old.
His Dad actually started flying planes as just a boy of 12 or 13.  That's why I went with the plane theme.  I tried to use old cards for the words so that she'd know who she was looking at.  I still need to print everyones name.
This is the house that they built themselves.  The house Neil spent his early years in.
This is the home she remembers most and sometimes talks about going back home, thinking she still lives there
This is another favorite photo of Neils Dad with him and his 2 older twin brothers William and David.
 Aren't the boys cute?  William, David and Neil with Santa, probably 1953 of 54.  Neil's brothers were 2 years older then him.  As the boys walked home from school, only a couple of weeks after his father was killed, a drunk driver hit David right in front of the house, killing him.  Such a tragic time for this young family.
Neil and William all grown up and visiting Mom in the 1990's.
This is Nadine at her niece Hazel's home.  Everyone always said they looked so much alike.  She unfortunately died very young.
Neil's Mom while visiting friends.
A photo of William at the office.  He worked hard and played hard.  He loved deep sea fishing.  Well any fishing,  he loved the outdoors.  He passed away only about 5 years ago.
This is Williams daughter Alisa.  Nadine's Granddaughter.
Alisa had twin boys just like her Grandma.  These are her twins Gage and Gray. Nadine's great grand children.
Here's the boy's more recent photos.
Neil and I aren't big picture takers but I had to add one of us at a Jaguars football game.
I added this photo of our Grandson Zack.  He's the little rodeo fellow in the black cowboy hat.  I love this photo from when they lived in Nebraska.  I don't know who that adorable Opie looking kid is.
A more recent sports picture is our Grandkids Zack and Ki'a.  It's still a couple of years old.
At the end I included a photo of Nadines high school from her 50th reunion booklet.
 I also made a copy of the little bio of her life that she submitted for the booklet.
I'm so glad I made this for her (and that I had the good sense to use copies).  She has spent so much time looking at it.  But the other day when Neil went to visit her, she had taken the photos apart and torn up a lot of pages.  I'm talking, ripped the plastic off to get to them.  Several were stuck together with glue and some were placed in an angel magazine I had taken her.  She's so funny.  So it's time to repair and come of with a more full proof album.  I have a few more old photos to add too.

Are you worn out yet?  You should be good and sick of photos.  
And if you've enjoyed your visit I hope you'll leave me a comment. Even if it's just to say hi.  I really do love to read them.  They all mean so much.

Have the best day, y'all!

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  1. What a lovely photo album and what a thoughtful thing to do for your MIL. I am happy to hear that she is doing better. Please do keep us posted!

  2. Beautiful capsule of memories for your mother-in-law, Tracy... she is so blessed to have you. Enjoy your day--
    Just posted another giveaway at Show Some Decor, so I hope you'll stop by!

  3. Thats such a beautiful thoughtful gift Tracy.
    I'm glad to hear that Nadine is doing so much better too.
    Much love to you and Neil .
    Em xxxxxx

  4. hi Tracy, what a wonderful book! I know your mother in law must love it. and I'm sure she adores you. cute picture of you and neil! and your MIL was a beauty! But so much loss... that is terribly sad. I can not even imagine. I hope she is doing ok and that you find just the right nursing home. shes lucky to have you in her life.
    Have a great day!

  5. This was a really nice thing for you to do for her!! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog-I look forward to reading more of yours!

  6. What a thoughtful DIL, not all are so mindful of their MIL. I had a great MIL and I loved helping take care of her during her last months with us. In fact, God answered my prayer and allowed me to be the one that was with her when she drew her last breath. She was a precious lady and we all miss her so very much.

    Love your MIL while you have her with you, but also be sure to take care of yourself.

    Have a God Filled Day

  7. Love the book you created for Nadine! So special. I hope it brings back many happy memories for her. The wedding day pic of them in the car is adorable. What a fun picture to have.

    Hope Nadine is doing better still. Good luck with a new nursing home,

  8. Oh sweetie....Thank you for sharing this, now I know a lot more about Nadine.....what a tough life!!!! So much loss.....
    I am not surprised by what happened to your lovely album, Alzheimers does such strange things to the brain!!!! I hope you find a nursing home that you both can feel good about! And then try to move forward....it is the only way you and Neil can go.....God has a plan here Tracy, what it is, is only known to him. It would be nice if he would share it with you though, wouldn't it??? I think of you so often....Hugs to both of you! Sandy

  9. Hey my sweet friend!! I had to stop in and say I MISS YOU!!! I hope to be back in the blogging community more! I will be praying for you that the depression gets better. I know it will your a strong woman! Love you big hugs

  10. Girlfriend...this is truly special! What a lovely, lasting gift. I hope you know that all of us in one way or another have been where you are.

    I sit under a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Light for 15 minutes every single day. It has made a huge difference in my life and outlook. Makes some things so much more bearable. I have info if you want it.

    Blessings to you and your gifted, talented hands.


  11. Tracy~ Thanks for the update & good luck finding a new home for your MIL. The album is wonderful & so special. You did a great job & it is a memory book that will be enjoyed for generations.

  12. You must truly be a very loving and giving special person to do a project like this for someone who may not even know what she is looking at, but may get a great deal of comfort from nontheless. At the same time you are losing your mother-in-law, you feel you have to be strong for your husband, who is losing his mother! It's no wonder you have depression in your household--who wouldn't??? Stay close to each other, and stay close to our God, and make this as beautiful of a last stage of life as possible for all of you. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease, but at least you can take comfort that the memories are still there, somewhere deep down, and not lost forever, and that you really will all be together again someday, whole and complete! My thoughts and prayers are with your dear family!


  13. This was a beautiful thought and a beautiful Gift Tracy. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Your MIL went through a lot of sad times but she is blessed to have you in her life. Sometimes we have to count our blessings and treasure the special people God sends us. I truly believe that sometimes he sends angels in human form and you are one of them. Take care.

  14. What a beautiful gesture! It's a one-of-kind gift that I'm sure touched her heart. I wish you and your husband the best in just 'hanging in there'.

  15. I'm so glad Nadine is feeling better and out of the hospital. It is so hard to find a good nursing home. We went through that with my Dad, and finally found an amazing place, through word of mouth. Of course, there were no openings. It's awful to have to wait for someone to pass so you can get there spot. Luckily we got him in and he was there for a few years. They were on top of everything. As soon as one little thing looked wrong, or he got a cold he was off to the ER or Drs. They took very good care fo him.

    I loved seeing the album. What a great idea to put such a memory evoking book together for her to look at and remember, Dad did odd things like that too...taking things apart. It's so hard to see them that way. At least you know she looks and likes it! Be thankful she does look at it. It is much harder when they don't show any interest.

    She sure hard a rough life..so many losses. I love the little bio at the end. She was s spunky little thing wasn't she!

    Hoping you have a great weekend. ANd if there is any sun out where you are, go have a sit in it and listen to the birds sing. Try to clear your mind and just listen to nature (just block out any city noises.. It helps with my depression a bit.
    Please know you are never far from my mind, wondering how you and Neil and MIL are doing. I've been there and I know it's tough.
    Sending warm *hugs*
    deb xoxoxox

  16. What a wonderful gift you made for Nadine...it's always difficult with an alzheimers patient to know what they can and can't understand and no matter what she does, she doesn't choose to be the way she is. We went through this with my MIL several years ago and it was so sad to see the changes in her personality. We were so happy when she was finally released into our Father's loving arms to know only joy and happiness with God in Heaven...she deserved to be free from the suffering. We miss her and will love hr forever. I will pray for peace and acceptance for you and Neil. Take care of yourself Tracy.

  17. This book is a treasure and so very sweet. I enjoyed each page. A fantastic gift to help Nadine remember all of those special people and places.