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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Before and After Memo Board - Giveaway Reminder

I've got a really quick makeover to show you.  When Nadine moved into her new room at the nursing home they had a hideous old bulletin board.  Ewe...I couldn't leave it like that so I brought it home to clean it up.

But in true Tracy fashion, I forgot to take pictures of the before.  I did have a before and after for you of the tacks.  ha-ha.  We had a box of these old thumbtacks and I just painted them the same color as I painted the frame.
I was lucky to find everything I needed just sitting around in my stash.  Including the paint.  Her room's got yellows walls and not the prettiest dusty pink floral window treatments.  So I thought this would be pretty.
I couldn't believe I had a perfect fabric to match the paint.  I really love the velvet green trim.  I have rolls in a soft pink and soft violet too.  One of my favorite ribbons.
After removing the old bulletin board from the frame, I covered it with batting and then the fabric.  I just eyeballed the layout of the ribbon stapling it on the back and using the tacks to secure it on the front..
It doesn't get much simpler or quicker than that!

By the way , the nursing home that we hoped to move her to has a waiting list of 1 1/2 years.  And this is not a top of the list nursing home.  If you have a moment and can say a prayer for the care she's receiving where she is now, we would so appreciate it.  They haven't given us much reason for confidence these last few days.

And thank y'all for the amazingly kind and very generous comments you left, on the photo album post.  Y'all made me blush and Neil was so touched.  

To be honest I certainly don't deserve it.  It seems easy to do something nice for her now but when it really counted, I wasn't the DIL I should have been.  With her Alzheimers she wasn't herself and I lost patience and was becoming resentful.  It was so difficult to be as kind as I should have been.  I'm certainly not the perfect DIL.  I'm so glad that there is so much more joy when we see each other now.

Have a fun weekend!!! OOO's...Tracy :)

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  1. Hi Tracy!
    Goodness! Your blog got a new "dress". I love your new look. I bet you're loving it, too.

    I think you did a wonderful job on remaking the bulletin board. I'm sure your MIL will love it...and appreciate your effort.

    I hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. Beautiful and crafted with love... embrace your happy moments with your MIL. All is forgiven, you know. :)