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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Ready For a Change

Do you know what happens when you start a project and it never ends?  Well, I do! 
By the time you get even close to getting where you want to be, you realize you're kinda over it.
But every time  I think of changing it, I look up at the crown molding.  Never, ever has painting been something I longed to do and believe me I've done more than my share.  I just have this problem.  I like change.  But back to those moldings.  That's a lot of taping and painting.   
I'm really wanting to go to lighter, brighter colors, cooler, more coastal colors.  Something in a pale gray with white trim.  But it can't be as simple as all that for me.  I'd have to paint the walls, and the trim and the ceiling.  We painted the ceiling in a lighter coordinating shade to the wall colors.  It's really beautiful and when we first chose it, it was perfect for that warm Tuscany look that I longed for.  But these are warm colors which are perfect for a cozy winter palate but like I said there's no way to just change the walls without painting the trim too.  Oh' and that's not to mention the wide layered floor trim moldings.
And take a look at the color of my sofas, well okay you can't get see the true colors.  They're prettier and a little darker olive green with golds and plums in the pillows.  They're too new to get rid of, as if that as even an option.  Not really wanting slip covers either.  I do like slip covers, I'm just not wanting them.  Plus the rug has a pale green/gold olive with white.  That would be another change.  When I bought this I kept saying I wanted to go neutral, so that I could change pillows and things when the seasons changed and have I could have a new look.  So what happened there?  Where did that plan go? 
So what about y'all?  Are you making any changes for the new season?  Do you have any money saving tips or idea's?  How would you handle a burning desire for change on an almost nil budget?  Let me know, I'm really wanting to hear what y'all think.  

By the way are you reading this FrogTape, Valspar paint, and Lowes or Home Depot?  I'd love to review your products! 

Quote for the day:
Even if you fall flat on your face at least you are moving forward.
                                                     ~Sue Luke                  

Have blessed and fruitful day y'all.  Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. Well, isn't this timely? I've got Spring Break coming my way and my to-do list is bulging!! I say go for the paint change and your sofa pillows (or find new throw pillows on sale). Ever tried cloth napkins for new pillow covers? Inexpensive fix!
    Have a great day, Tracy!!

  2. Well, paint is about the cheapest thing you can do to upgrade or change your room, honey. You could also buy or make new pillows for the sofa.

  3. Hi Tracey!! Thanks for the recent visit to my site! Yes- Keke is a doll!!! Your sofa colors sound beautiful- I love plums and golds- good luck with the moldings and all- it is such a tough decision!! Have a great day and weekend~~

  4. Well paint can make a major change without a lot of cost. However a gallon of paint up here is not cheap lol..We used a Ralph Lauren paint called Baltic Blue on the downstairs bedroom half walls. Check it out on my blog if you have not seen this it came out really pretty. You have to go back some posts to see it. So I suggest paint to you as a big change. Remember it's just wall color and can be changed if it's not right.