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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Have Seen......

  • I was born.
  • I have lived.
  • I have bought candy, 2 pieces for a penny.
  • I have watched old women dip snuff.
  • I have seen my Grandma wear her prairie bonnet that hung by her door.
  • I have fished with a can pole.
  • I have spent and entire day playing in the woods.
  • I have watched a television when there were only 3 channels available.
  • I have listened to the radio when there was more static than music after dark.
  • I have hung clothes on a line to dry.
  • I've drank coke from paper cone cups that sat in a plastic holder with paper straws.
  • I drank coke in little bottles with peanuts.
  • I have attended segregated schools.
  • I have road miles of dirt roads.
  • I have sat in a rocking chair as I shelled peas on a porch on a hot Southern day.
  • I have seen Man walk on the moom for the first time live.
  • I have had milk delivered to our door in glass bottles.  
  • I have seen water pumped by hand from an old fashioned hand pump.
  • I have watched Martin Luther King Jr. on television live.
  • I have cashiered in a store with an old fashion register and counted the change due in my head.
  • I have lived in a home in Florida before air conditioning was the norm.
  • I have lived during the Kennedy dynasty.
  • I was a child when curse words were considered vulgar.
  • I have seen a time when business doors were closed on Sundays in honor of the Lord's day.
  • I lived before there were fast food restaurants and drive thru's.
  • I lived when you looked up information in an encyclopedia instead of google.
  • I lived when "yes Sir and no Ma'am and Thank you and Please" were second nature speech.
I have seen so many changes in such a short time.  Have you?


  1. I'm right there with you honey! Amazing isn't it? It's so hard to explain how it used to be, well maybe not explain but to get the younger generation to understand how it was. Think they will have the same trouble with their kids?
    Great post!

  2. Wow Tracy! What a very cool list. Dan's grandma kept a list of the things she and her family did when they were kids, it is so cool to have now that she is 94. Things have certainly changed. One day your grandkids will enjoy your list too! Enjoy the day,