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Monday, September 29, 2014

#EatSmart CalPal Digital Bathroom Scale Review

Disclosure:  I received this product for free to facilitate my review.  As always, my opinions are 100% my own.

I have a new fitness tool and I couldn't be more proud to share it with you.  Look how slick and attractive this EatSmart body scale is.  No need to hide this baby!

EatSmart is always at the forefront of innovation and this scale proves that they never stop improving.  My last bathroom scale was made by EatSmart and I didn't think it could get any smarter.  Boy was I wrong.

The new EatSmart Precision CalPal Digital Scale features a daily caloric reference that calculates how many calories are needed to maintain your weight.

I want to highlight the awesome features of the CalPal with you:

  • The CalPal displays 3 readings: current weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), and estimated caloric intake.
  • Automatic User Identification Technology - CalPal immediately identifies the user based on past weights. I love this feature.  Neil & I only enter our basic info once and it knows which one of us steps on the scale from now own.
  • Easy to program
  • EatSmart "Step-On" Technology - Get instant readings!
  • Large 4.3" LCD display with cool blue backlight - making it easy to read from any distance.
  • 4 High Precision Sensors - Consistent and accurate measurement
  • 2 Measurement Modes: Pounds or Kilos
  • Sturdy oversized 12.5" x 12.5" platform that can measure up to 440 lbs / 200 kgs.
  • Auto Calibrated; includes 3 AAA batteries
  • The sleek design combines high density plastic and tempered glass to create a modern look with a slim profile.

You won't believe the amazing low price for all this.

Only $35.00

That's right, you can purchase the EatSmart Precision CalPal through Amazon for the low price of only $35.

I really do love this scale!  It's as easy as setting up your profile once and there's no need to touch it again.  It comes on when you step on the scale and then goes off automatically when your done.  How smart is that!  I also like that the CalPal tells me how many calories I need to eat to maintain my current weight.  This scale really keeps me on track!

Stay Fit Y'all...

Do not use dishonest standards when measuring length, weight or quantity.
~ Leviticus 19:35


  1. great review Tracy. I think technology is getting better than years ago for household appliances. The Led screen is good for ones with poor eye sight. thanks take care

  2. This would be great to have. Our scale doesn't have were you can track between two users. So it only has my information stored in it. Plus I love how big and bright the numbers are. Much easier to read then ours. Thanks for the review.

  3. This EatSmart Precision CalPal Digital Scale looks so modern and nice looking. I would like this in my bathroom and I like that it has the BMI.
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  4. Digital Bathroom scale is the best device for monitor weight of family member.

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