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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Cookies or Anytime You Want to Share Your Heart

The biggest Heart day of the year is almost here, and I've baked up a little something to bring a smile to someone special's face. Who's in the mood for cookies?
Okay, so my hearts aren't perfect but they do say "Happy Valentines Day"!
Here's what you need.
*Tip 1: Wrap your dough in wax or parchment paper and sit in the fridge for about an hour to harden. Mine didn't get quite stiff enough.
Using your fingertip make little heart shaped wells in the cookies for your jam.
*Tip 2:  Since I have fat little fingers, I found that using a corn cob holder worked perfectly.
*Tip 3:  When filling with jam, don't overfill because the jam will run out.  Unless you like messy cookies like mine. I don't think your "little hearts" will care.  They'll just feel the love! :)
*Tip 4:  Parchment Paper is your best friend.  Use it.  It not only makes your cookies not stick to the sheet but it makes cleanup a breeze.
*Tip 5: I bought an Air Bake cookie sheet years ago.  Best cookie sheet ever and even though I own many, this is the only one I ever use to make cookies.  Usually biscuits and cinnamon rolls too. Here's a little info on it.  This is not a sponsored post but I love it so much I want to share why it's so great with you.
  • It is crafted of two heavyweight aluminum sheets that surround a layer of air which reduces the temperature of the metal coming in contact with the food.
  • This ensures that the food is heated evenly all around.
  • Air Bake® Ultra™ uses new Micro-Dome™ technology to decrease bake times by up to 15% over traditional insulated bakeware, providing overall enhanced baking performance including moister results, better browning and no burning.

Now it's time to share with your loved ones.

Do you do make anything special for your loved ones on Valentine's Day?
Are you itching for another quick Valentine project.  You can see my easy Valentine pillow tutorial HERE.

Hope you enjoy the cookies y'all...
When I said "My foot is slipping," your mercy and unfailing love, O Lord, supported me.
                ~Psalm 94:18-19


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    1. Thanks Steph. I hope you and your loves had a fun Valentine's Day. Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment!!