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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jesus' face appears in Florida

A woman right here in Florida says she looked up and saw Jesus' face in the power box.
Accorging to MSN, a Florida woman says Jesus has returned -- to a power box across from her mobile home. "I came out on the patio and I was praying and I just looked over back towards the woods and I seen this here," the woman told WKMG. "And it was a comfort to me." The Jesus-shaped likeness attracted her neighbors, who crowded around the nonworking meter to take pictures of the image with their cell phones.
What do think? It's a shame the picture's not bigger or clearer so we could get a better idea. Wouldn't it be wonderful to think that Jesus sends image reminders out to give us all faith and hope in such difficult times. What a great way to get the message across....

I don't know if this is a true miracle. There have been so many sightings over the years by over zealous people trying to make the unbeliever change their mind. Maybe they did it with good intentions (not that I think it's right- quite the contrary).

If it is dis-proven as a hoax that's terrible. If it's never proven to be a miracle, does it really matter? The point is, it got us talking, thinking and more than likely just a little bit hopeful that YES, Jesus does want us to know that he's right here with us, listening during these hard times. I know that the woman in Florida is probably sleeping very good tonight.

Sorry that I've been missing in action lately. I'm obsessed with spring cleaning, renovations, DIY projects and even yard work. By the way, when you clean does it seem to get worse before it gets better? I have to drag everything out at once which leads to another thing and so on and so on. I've got at least every room in my house totally messed up. Neils doing sheet rock repairs so everything comes out of that room. In the mean time I tackle another room. No kidding we have mudding going on in 3 rooms right now. Everything is in the dining room and living room. Not a clean room in the house, I tell you.

When I'm not doing one of the above I'm usually rubbing my arthritis aching foot or nursing a sinus headache. Darn spring pollen, it's killin' me. Anyway, I'm having a hard time even going to the computer. I'll try to get my time organized this weekend and be back on track next week.

Hugs ya'll......Tracy ♥

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