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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh' Nate - We Will Miss You

Have ya'll heard the bad news?  I couldn't believe it.  Nate, say it ain't so!
After only 2 seasons the Nate Berkus Show will be ending.  

Sony Pictures Television and Harpo Studios have announced that they will pull the plug on "The Nate Berkus Show" after it completes its second season in May 2012. 

This is one of the VERY FEW daytime television shows I watch.  I actually record it so that I can watch it whenever I get time. 

I'm so disappointed in T.V. in general.  HGTV seemed to lose their way several years ago.  It's as if they've always been a behind schedule with their T.V. lineup.  How else do you explain them having so many house flipping shows on when the housing market went bust.  And  as for flipping that was fine when the average person could possibly do it and the economy would allow it but we all know those days are past.  

 I love a good decorating show and would like more of those. I actually miss the old shows about crafting.  I loved HGTV when it first started out.  My television was tuned to that station day and night.  It was all I watched.  To be honest, I rarely watch it now.  I don't get the DIY channel and maybe I'm missing out on others but where are the good ole' crafting shows.  Crafting in all forms has come so far these last few years.  Well I want MORE.  That's why I'm in blogland and rarely in T.V.land these days.

Now the times call for the old adage "Make do or do without" and use up what you have.  From what I can see Nate was on the right track at the right time.  Maybe the problem was more of a daytime scheduling thing.  It's no longer spend and excess.  Designer name brands are nice but I think living excessively and extravagantly is more frowned upon then admired now.  I believe creativity is embraced now by all social classes.  And I like it.  Your on blogland so I know this isn't a surprise to you but to the rest of the world I say "Homemade, recycled, upcycled, craftiness, thriftiness doesn't have to mean tackiness".  I mean really, have you've seen all the amazing homes out there that found the bones of their furniture on the curb?  Give me the choice between that and a showroom, matchy - matchy item and I'll choose curbside every time.

I'm sorry Nate, that the bosses that be in network television can't see the opportunity that lies before them.  With the right time slot and the right support, you could do amazing things.  I don't expect  you to be gone long.  I'm betting you'll be showing up in my house via T.V. as quick as I can say from Upcycled Cottage Chic on the side of the street.


  1. I watch very little adult TV too - it's pretty much Sprout or PBS (Sesame Street and Curious George) at our house when the TV is on....but I completely agree with you about HGTV...I personally don't think that DIY is much better - if it has any crafty shows, I haven't seen them. HGTV should be renamed House Hunters TV--it seems like that's all that is ever on there! I've seen so many blogs where people talk about being contributors to HGTV, but I have yet to see the result.

  2. I know what you mean Erin. I'm really hoping that the pilot that Kev and Layla from The Lettered Cottage gets picked up. Maybe that would be the start of something really good.

  3. I used watch HGTV until they changed their focus. I also used to enjoy DIY and TLC (when it really was The Learning Channel and not the trashy show channel). I believe there was another channel that was similar to HGTV - wasn't it called Fine Living Channel? Anyway, I miss the days when you could watch these channels and really learn something to make your life better, whether it was crafting, decorating on a budget or whatever.