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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bakers Twine Giveaway - It Reminds Me Of Candy

Well, I'm on a giveaway roll this weekend.  Here's another new giveaway I've found.  Well a new blogger too.  Grace at Grace Hester is hosting a new giveaway sponsored by The Twinery. She is giving  one full spool of twine (in any color) OR one of the twine sampler packs (combo of 15 yards of each color - 120 yards total) to one of her readers!   Not only that but she also has a cool tutorial and download to make these cute tags.

I love the striped bakers twine.   I always think of candy and cakes when I see it.  Be sure to go here to enter.  And don't forget I have a giveaway too just click here to enter.  Be sure to check my older post for other giveaways.

Have a blessed weekend friends.  OOXX's....Tracy :)


  1. Now that I would love to win, sugar. I can always use twine.

    OOOOOOooooh, btw, you get the little rose wilendur flag piece, chick! Yep, you were first.

    Connie ;-)

  2. I live in a remote community in Northwestern Ontario and finding these 'specialy' items is not an easy task... I love being connected to the big world through the internet! Thanks for the chance.

  3. now if only I had TIME!
    cool twine ;-)

  4. Hi Tracy!!!
    I just found you through blog trolling...I hate that phrase!!!
    Any way my name is Tracy too,and I see according to your views I am your 222-7 Th viewer My favorite number is 222 and 7 is a very spiritual number!!!
    AND. if that's not enough your post is about a lady named Grace...that's my last name....well as you can see I just had to stop by and say "hi" from the prairies of Canada.
    I am going to follow you and check out the rest of your blog and then go over to see Grace Hester's blog!!!
    Come by and say hello when you have time.
    I say ...too cool....
    blessings to you Trace!
    till next time

  5. Tracy,

    Thanks for blogging about my giveaway! Hope you enjoyed the free printable download and tutorial too.

    Grace Hester
    Store: http://www.gracehesterdesigns.etsy.com