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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Recieved the Sweetest Most Swooney Package

Do you get as giddy as I do when you receive a package in the mail?  Oh' I get so excited it just makes my day especially when it's from someone I love and admire so much.  I was one of  the lucky winners of Donna @ Brynwood Needleworks giveaway last week.   These sachets are so chic and smell dreamy.  And you'd better believe I even kept the ribbon that she hand stamped.  I've used her picks because mine always come out so crummy.  She included the most darling note pad book and postcard.  It was all wrapped up in the prettiest tissue paper.  Did I already say I was giddy?  The last time I received such a girlie gift was when my Mama was alive.  Thank you Donna for making me feel so girlie!

I always just oooh' and aaah over all her creations.  I consider Donna to be a dear friend.  She is always coming by just to share a sweet hello and remind me that she cares.  She's wonderfully cheery and I'd love to be able to spend a whole day with her.  Have you ever looked in her shop?  You'll want it all.  I do!  I hope you stop by and take a peek and tell Donna hello.


  1. Thank you, sweet Tracy. I feel exactly the same about you. How much fun would it be to spend a day together just creating and sipping cappucinos? ;-)
    If you're ever planning to be in southest Florida, please let me know. I'd love to see you! I am planning a trip to Savannah in September. Perhaps a hello on my way past Jacksonville might be in order?

  2. Hi Tracy! What a lovely giveaway from Donna! I have a couple of Donna's treasures myself, and they are so, so special. Everything she does, she does beautifully! She's such a special lady! What a lovely post this is! :) Paulette

  3. These are so you Tracy! They are just beautiful! I love the idea of the stamped ribbon. Have a lovely weekend! Oh! My son has an assignment in your neck of the woods! Finally! Someone in my family will make it to Florida! Yeah! E

  4. Oh, Tracy ... you are so fortunate to be the winner in Donna's giveaway. She creates the most exquisite detailed creations, EVER! I treasure my gifts from this beautiful woman.

    Have a beautiful summer day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon