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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Could You Please Direct Me To The Old Ladies Clothes

My days are pretty much the same.  We have learned to live a life of repetition.  It's been a couple of years now since Neil and I have gone to the store, mall, etc... together.  Forget movies and trips.  This time in our lives are devoted to his Mother.  Staying home is the only  thing we can do now. I've never been one to be able to sit still long unless I'm in a full fledged depression. That's changed.

All  those muscles I had, I had some serious strength, have turned to fat and cellulite.  My energy is at zero level.  I have never had to watch my diet.  Seriously, I had such a high and nervous metabolism that I ate anything and it fell off.  If I was depressed or upset before, I didn't want food.  I was never a nervous eater.  Well all that has changed now.  I eat all the time.  Pure junk to make it worse.  Lots of coke, hardly any water.  If it's bad for you I'm eating it.  And I am so uncomfortable.  I haven't weighed lately but I'm sure I'm at least 25 lbs overweight.  It's time for a change.  We stay up all night and sleep most of the day.  That means I do most of my eating at night and go right to bed on all that food.  It's nervous bored eating.  It's I've got to stop.  I could probably give up coco-cola and exercise and drop weight easy enough but it's not going to tighten up all the ugly stuff.  I hope I will finally get to the point where I will make the changes that I need to make.

I'm one of the lucky ones.  I don't have any real addictions.  I've never smoked, don't use drugs and can drink in moderation.  To be honest I can't remember the last time I drank a beer or mixed drink.  But I'm not kidding, Coca-cola and the dentist (because of coke I'm sure) has made a fortune off of me.  I really can't stand the thought of running out of coke and knowing there won't be any in the house for the morning.  I even know that in the past when I've committed to exercising I craved more water and less coke.  When you stay away from coke for awhile even the food tastes better, I crave more fruits and vegetables and actually the coke doesn't taste that great anymore.  Yes Coke as in Coca-Cola is my down fall.  Well I am a chocolate addict too but I could probably give that up easier than coke.  What can I say I'm a child of the Coke generation.

 Have you ever been to the World of Coke Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.  It's been years since I have but it's got some really amazing stuff.  And have you ever spent anytime looking at old coke ads and memorabilia.  They have some of the most beautiful ads.  It's simply iconic America to me.  The above ad is a Dutch poster that translates to say to say "Me Too!"

Well there is no real point to the story (this is not a sponsored advertisement).  I just start on one subject and it runs into another one.  No moral to gain from this but it's my squawk box and that's my squawk.  Thanks for listening.

Smiles and hugs...Tracy 


  1. Oh Tracy this looks like confession time. You want to get this out so you'll do something about it and I sure feel for you. Coke leaches the calcium from your bones too, another good reason to get off it plus it's full of caffeine as well which can raise hell if you overdose on it. You have to have your health, you cannot let another person pull you down this way. Please take time for you and get yourself back on track, a little at a time each day. Take a 10 minute walk but get doing something to care for you. Can you get someone to come in a sit with her while you do for yourself? What about local agencies for help? Take Care Nan

  2. Suzanne, I feel your pain. Same boat here. Have a nice weekend. Twyla

  3. Sounds like things are a little difficult for you. I am sure you msut feel stuck. As your other commenter said, you really need some time to yourself, Even just 20 minutes to go for a walk or take a bath. Coke is like a drug, wean yourself off so you don't get headaches, but get off it! I love diet coke with lime, and I notice that when I drink one, which isn't often, I crave another. It leaves a limey taste in your mouth, that makes you want another. I am sure it's formulated this way! Have a glass of water with a wedge of something- lemon, lime, orange, or even cucumber- and get moving. Your heart and soul deserve it! PS- you are doing a wonderful thing, taking care of your MIL, but your soul needs some reviving!!

  4. Tracy, You and I both are in the same boat with only one ore between us. Are we sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are we ready to throw our Cokes overboard? I think we are getting pretty darn close. What a time of life we are in. What's interesting, what's exciting, where's it all leading us? Sweat! We've got to sweat at least one hour a day, and I for one can't seem to commit to all those extra showers! Something's got to give in, and I have a feeling it's us Tracy! I might have to consider a Commit to Be Fit day of the week. Just one, mind you! Hang in there Tracy, you are not alone. Elizabeth

  5. PS- saw the advertisement on GHTV and I was shouting to my husband- "That's It. That's her back yard!" he looked at me like "What??" I explained. Very fun!!

  6. It must be contagious, although I'm a diet coke ad chocoholic. And yes, we need to get up off our duff more too. (as I sit typing this I just ate 2 Hershey nuggets with almonds:)


  7. Oh Tracy, you are a woman after my own heart! I am a coke-aholic through and through! I cannot go a day without one ( or should I say 10!)

    Just wanted to thank you for checking on me. I have been super busy and somewhat overwhelmed since I started my new job this summer. I would appreciate your prayers as I try to juggle it all.

    Thank you, friend,

  8. Tracy,

    I'm so happy I stopped by this morning. Just wish I could reach through my lap top and give you a hug. Start with small goals, small steps. Commit to walk for thirty minutes today and work up to an hour. Not just for the exercise, but to clear your head and give a change of scenery which boosts the soul. Give up sugar and artificial sweetners for a week. Eat fresh fruit. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel by doing those two things for one week. The best part is you will want to continue.

    Your Friend,

  9. Ph Tracy,
    I just saw your comments on my blog and had to come over.....I love the look of your site!!!!!!! We have a lot in common, My drink of choice is Pepsi...and I know that feeling you speak of if there isn't any in the house....that burn going down your throst is Nirvana, isn't it????? I have a lot more than 25 pounds to loose....closer to 75....so I can relate totally. I am so sorry that you are stuck right now....but you need to believe it can change.....I can't even imagine how hard this time must be....please know I am here anytime you need to vent.....I feel we have a lot in common. Wouldn't one of those bags of penny candy be good right now? Hugs, Sandy

  10. Tracy, That should Oh not PH...... :)

  11. Oh please - you look mar-ve-lous! But I hear ya sista! Do we really need to be healthy? Isn't happy enough? lol

    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment on our little Lainey! We are going to have such fun together!

    Love the new blog look!