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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miracle Mondays ~ My Father Reminds Me There Are Miracles Everyday

Hi Friends. Well it turned cold here again today. Cold by Florida's definition which is a little different then most of ya'll probably. Our high was 48 but it was so cloudy, overcast and windy that it felt a lot cooler. I know what your thinking.....Sissy. Yeah, probably.

Unlike me it was just right for the birds. They were all over the place. Nadine (my MIL) just loves to sit at the table and enjoy watching the birds and boy they didn't disappoint today. They really put on quite a show!

Now remember I have this old camera so my pictures are sorely lacking but you get the jest of it. Now don't get me wrong it was a beautiful sight to behold but it was also kind of weird. We've never seen the birds gather like this. Unfortunately none of the pictures of them taking flight came out worth showing. But incredible amounts of birds would all come in and light at the same time, and then suddenly up and away they would take flight again, over and over. At first I was saying they're just having so much fun together but then Neil and I both thought something was scaring them. After awhile it started to resemble the movie "The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock". It really started looking like some kind of apocalypse movie. Maybe it was the gray day, maybe it was the depression I've been fighting, but right then and there I decided it was time for an attitude adjustment.

So there you have it. No miraculous miracle. I just decide to appreciate it for the gift of God that it was. It reminded me of one of my favorite bible verses Matthew 6:25-26

25: "So my counsel is: Don't worry about things-food, drink, and clothes. For you already have life and a body-and they are far more important than what to eat and wear.

26: : "Look at the birds! They don't worry about what it eat-they don't need to sow or reap or store up food-for your heavenly Father feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than they are.

Well wasn't that an in your face reminder to be grateful and stop obsessing! Lord, are you talking to me? Is this one of your exquisite reminders. Thank you Lord, for always being so tender to me. Always loving me even when I doubt.

Now what was that I said about no miraculous miracle - Oh' how foolish I was to say that. I believe I was wrong, that was quite some MIRACULOUS MIRACLE.

I had no idea what I was going to post for tomorrows MIRACLE MONDAY. I have hoped all week something would pop up in my head or I would think of the right place to go to find something good to write about in the news. I thought I'd just share these pictures with you tonight but as I sat here and typed I realized GOD had provided me with my MIRACLE MONDAY!

Thanks for stopping by. If you have a blessing or just something you're grateful for please leave a comment and share it with us. If your having something you're struggling with I'd love to offer a prayer for you.

Have a blessed week ya'll. Warm hugs and love.......Tracy :)

Even the squirrels came out today.

How do you like my little friend. This was actually taken last spring. This little mama was out forging for nourishment so that she could go back and feed her babies who were still nursing. So on this day we fixed her a bowl of fruit and donuts.


  1. Halleluiah, not sure I spelled that right...but you get the message, I am sure. I agree that it is in the every day events that we find God at work. Love your pics. Not a thing wrong with them. Just look at those bird breasts and the ripples in the water...Love it!

  2. Those winter time blues just stink. Here is something I learned this weekend. What we are going through is only a season of our life. Seasons change. Your photos reminded me of a hymn we used to sing.
    "This is My Father's World"
    This is my Father’s world, the birds their carols raise,
    The morning light, the lily white, declare their Maker’s praise.
    You can find the words to the entire hymn here:

  3. Hi, you just used some of my favorite verses from the Lord. We don't give God enough credit for the things around us--everyday wonders. Love those robins (I think). They've all migrated from here, escaping the bitter cold. Smart birds. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Happy Miracle Monday.--Sally

  4. Hi Tracy ~ Your photos are great, love seeing the Robins & waiting for them to return here to Michigan, yet I did see one a few weeks back when we had unseasonably mild weather - that bird just did not get the memo that they were movin south...
    I have a Miracle for M.M. if anyone has seen my blog, they would know that for at least 2 reasons, My Little Grandson Miller is a Miracle ~ 1st: at 24 weeks of her pregnancy, Baby Miller was diagnosed with a Cyst on his brain (Of Course The Dr. Discussed having an n Amnio. but No Way, No Matter what, this Baby was Our Little Angel from God) then at 28 weeks My Daughter went into labor, we all thought for sure that Miller was going to come way too early... We just kept Praying ~ Labor subsided & Mandy was able to come home (it was last summer & she has 2 little girls at home 2 & 6) Total Bed rest for the next 12 weeks ~ Lots of Care & Prayers 12 weeks later which was 1 day after her original due date, Miller Ian was born with a short labor & Healthy ! Praise God The Cyst was Gone & Everything was Wonderful.... He is now a Sweet Little 5 month old & We are Thankful Everyday~

    Have a Wonderful Week ~

  5. What a wonderful post Tracy!! You are such an angel and I love how visiting you always lifts my spirits ~ I've been battling depression as well, the grey days seem to envelope me sometimes. Such beautiful verses and promises from God...have a wonderful week dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  6. Too funny as I was just asking you to enjoy your birds for me! Maybe not such a coincidence after all? Have a wonderful, wonderful day!