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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meet my new friend and see her first time giveaway

Hey my fetching Ghosts and Goblins. The bewitching hour is almost upon us and I hope you'll all had a treat filled night of fun and trickery! This post is to introduce you to someone a lot of you might not know yet. I just found her. Her name is Debbie and her blog is Love the Decor. She has lots of decorating ideas and is now hosting her first giveaway. And who wouldn't want three new candles, which are great anytime of the year but they really make everything so cozy in the fall and winter. These are beautiful unscented candles - great for those with allergies. The best part they have beautiful embedded designs that glow when illuminated. Please stop by and see Debbie and be sure to tell her I sent you. You could be her first winner! Just click here. Hurry the winner will be chosen on November the 3rd!

While your at it be to sure to enter my Fall giveaway by clicking here.

Have a Sweet Sunday Ya'll.....Tracy


  1. These candles are beautiful. Thank you so much for posting about these!

    Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!


  2. Tracy, thank you for stopping by. The movie Amelia was really pretty good. And you were right Hillary Swank was great in it! I remember studying about her in school of course but, they didn't go into her personal (love) life. So between the flying part & her relationship it was interesting. And it really is nice to be able to take your 80 year old Mom to a movie & not be embarassed or have to answer a bunch of questions. I will try to do a post about your give away (I need to do one too) but, my Mom is in town & I don't have much computer time for the next couple of weeks unless I find something for her to do. Have a great week!