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Monday, June 13, 2011

I Went on a Freescapade - Part 2

Oh' good, you remembered to come back for Part II of my Freescapade.  If you missed Part I yesterday you can read it here.  Don't know what a Freescapade is?  Well read Part I, silly.

So on with my day of fun, where did I leave off?  Oh' yeah......
         After leaving Great Clips we decided to continue the day of freebies by going to Olive Garden with the free gift cards I had won.  We were actually going to use them on my birthday back in April.  Neils birthday and mine are only 11 days apart but after the Yanni concert that night there just wasn't enough time.  That was a great night too.  I was provided those tickets by One2One Network  to share the review, which was a fabulous concert!  

Back in January, I was the lucky winner of a $15 Olive Garden giveaway on Inspiring Pretty.  Have you ever visited the pretty girls blog.  It's all about "a pretty home, a pretty faith, a pretty life".  Then about 3 days I was contacted by Olive Garden and told I was the winner of Olive Garden's Millionth Facebook Fan Appreciation Sweepstakes!  I won another $10 Olive Garden gift card and a voucher that I could be redeemed for one (1) Olive Garden salad dressing (arv of $15).  Yippee!!!  Thanks Pretty Girls and Olive Garden.
So with a total of $25 in gift cards plus the coupon for free salad dressing, dinner wasn't quite free but by the time we added the tip we were only out $16 cash and we were taking home a $15 bottle of dressing.  As good as it was, I would never spend $15 for a bottle of dressing.  We really did enjoy going out for a really nice and relaxing meal.  Neil had the eggplant Parmesan and I had Scrimp Scampi with Fettuccine.  The waiter was so nice.  They had Chicken Fettuccine on the menu but when I told him I was really hoping for something like Scrimp Scampi, he said no problem, I can have them fix that for you.  What terrific service!  And Yummm!
So with my hair freshly cut and my stomach nicely rounded and full we headed home.  And to my surprise I had another goodie waiting for me when I got home.  In the mail I received a coupon for a free box of hair color from Clariol's Natural Instincts.  What great timing that was!  I felt like it was officially "All About Tracy Day".  So thank you Clariol for topping off my day and new hair cut with new color to spark up my life.  I've been coloring my own hair for years but this is the first time I've tried Natural Instincts.  It's a 10 minute hair color (a little longer if  you have some gray like me) and it lasts up to 28 shampoos and blends the grays away.  It also comes with a NEW Week 2 Color Refresher to help fight color fade. 
I slept like a baby after my Freescapade Day.

I hope ya'll stop by tomorrow.  I'll be sharing how my Cystex Better Bladder Challenge is going in my first vlog post with you using my new Flip Video Camera.

Hugs...Tracy :)

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