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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Prayers Change Things ~ My Heart and Home Are So Full

Have I got good news to share with you on this beautiful Sunday!!

I know I'm only able to report this good news because of all the Many Prayers that ya'll have prayed.

Mattie is home! She home!!!

It feels so wonderful to say that. I have to admit my faith came and went. I would lose hope and then one of you would share a wonderful story about your pets with me. You encouraged me and consoled me. Those thoughts and prayers gave me hope which, I in turn, shared with Neil to give him hope.

What in the world did I ever do before blogging? All our neighbors and most of all our family, (Thank you Joni and Greg) shared our pain and anguish over losing her.

Our poor little baby is worn out. She had a huge adventure, one that I don't think was so wonderful. She was gone for 14 and a half days. That had to seem like forever for her. She lost more than 5 pounds and now only weighs 10 lbs. You can feel every rib and every bone. It just breaks my heart. She was covered in fleas and filth. The day before we found her she was brought into the animal shelter. I half heartily thought that it wouldn't be her but it was. She was a little confused at first but after filling out the paperwork and stopping back by to see her again she knew exactly who we were. She was jumping and barking louder than she ever had.

I'm really upset with the process that she went through at the shelter. I know that there are a lot of pets there and it's not a boarding kennel but I think they totally missed the boat on this one. They said we weren't allow to get her back without her being spayed. She's 12 years old!!! It's obvious that she's never been bred and had babies, so we weren't neglecting her by letting her get pregnant all the time. Why was it necessary? The employee said she could be exempt if I got a letter from her vet saying it was not in her best interest because of age and the heart worms that she has. I went to the vet immediately and got the letter on the vets stationery with a copy of her vet records. They said because her last visit was over a year ago, (it was April 2011) that they thought the letter wasn't relative and if she was not up for it they would not do it, but they would not go with the vet recommendation. The vet told them that it would be risky to do the surgery and would require closely monitored EKG. She told them that Mattie was 12 years old, we also had told them Mattie was 12 but they wouldn't change their paperwork saying their vet would changed it after determining her age from her teeth. They never did change it from 8.

They even said was blind with cataracts, underweight, with poor teeth, and cysts etc...   They went through with the surgery anyway.  She was sent home with no medication and no bath and believe me she was horrid and told us not to bath her for 10 days.   How do you put a poor little thing like her through all that and seeing she's filthy and not bath her first, especially knowing we were coming to take her home and not supposed to bath her.  She has a terrible cough now but she sounds so weak and can hardly get it out.  It sounds like fluid in her lungs.  She's so weak she couldn't even squat to have a bowel movement, though she tried twice.  She feels like she has a low grade fever and is very weak and shaky.  I'm furious that they put her though this unnecessarily.

We plan on loving her, babying her and getting her back to being our healthy Mattie.  Our hearts and home are full again...

God Bless all of you for you love and prayers.

I hope each of you are feeling as blessed as we are today.
Love....Tracy ♥


  1. Oh Tracy! I am so glad your Maddie is back! Praise God!
    That animal shelter...is another story! I'm not one to file complaints on a whim, but have you considered filing one against them? They should absolutely NOT have that much authority. Sounds like it's a money-making scam for them. I bet your vet would even file a complaint along with you...
    Anyway, what's most important is that she's home; bak in your loving arms!

    Love, hugs & blessings!

  2. Praise God!! And I so would be having it out with the shelter and the higher up who own the shelter!!

    You can bather her just wrap the booboo..and don't let her get chilled. Or you can baby powder wash her.

    Hugs Cindy

  3. I'm so happy you have here back, but sick about the treatment at the shelter! did they take care of the fleas or clean her up at all before doing surgery, wouldn't the filth make poor Mattie at greater risk for any infections? Now for the last big question, did they had you a Bill? I guess we should only be looking to getting Mattie back to a playful stage... Keep loving on her & enjoy every moment~ xox

  4. Tracy~
    I was so thrilled to see your post! I have said many prayers for Mattie's return. I am so sorry for the way she was treated at the shelter. I would think the vet would have final say on surgery or not. I am so happy that she is safe at home now & you will give her comfort & love to heal.
    Blessings & Hugs,

  5. Oh Tracy,
    This is wonderful news and damn those people at that shelter! Sorry but that really ticked me off! How dare they put her through that! Regardless, the prayers will keep coming that she is healthy and happy in no time! Love, Sandy

  6. Oh no :( I'm so sorry for Mattie! Being lost for 2 wks wasn't bad enough they had to do surgery too! Geez! And not taking your Drs advice...not right at all. Filing a complaint sounds good to me! Talk to your vet and see if there's a suggestion there as what can be done. Poor Mattie. Thank God she home where she will be loved and taken care of. Too crazy not to bathe her...Sometimes I wonder about some people who are to be so concerned about animals.
    Sending healing hugs and lots more prayers xoxoxoxox deb

  7. Tracy that's wonderful to hear. Though it's sad she was and still is in pin. I think the shelter is so use to spaying and putting them to sleep that they never have time to see the good side of a situation nor feel they can take the time to. I think I would give her a bath anyways for the simple fact of infection if I didn't do so. When she's feeling better you should pampering her with a grooming day with a complete do over, poor thing. I think I would atleast take comfort in knowing that if she passes away now, that it's at the home with the ones she loves and even she will know that and be more at ease. There's power in prayer, that's for sure.

  8. Tracy-
    I am so thankful that Matttie is home. My family has grown through the years with both canines and felines. Most of our dogs and cats have lived at least 14 years. All of them have been rescue animals. We now have two dogs and three cats. One came from the local Animal Shelter. I am outraged by the treatment you and Mattie got at your shelter. There should be reprimands over such treatment. Shelters are overcrowded and poorly funded. Shelters are for 'stray' animals. It is understood that a new adoption should be neutered or spayed. You provided records that Mattie had a regular vet. How can shelters expect to receive donations when they use such poor judgement? I agree that your vet and others in the community should let this shelter know that you aren't going to just take this poor and unsound treatment. This would be a good story for a local 'Live on Your Side' type of television show. I would contact the board members of the shelter, your mayor, city coucil, etc. Our local animal shelter has had some problems including the director being convicted of embezzelement. The public should keep and eye on their local shelter. My family donates food and supplies at our shelter. Occasionally I walk through and observe the conditions. If I am not happy, I make my thoughts and opinions known to those who can step in and correct conditions. Our animals depend on us to improve their lives. We must speak up for them. Keep loving Mattie. She sounds like a lucky 'girl'. Please speak up for Mattie! It will not only help her but others in the future.

    Sylacauga, AL

  9. Oh Praise the Lord for this wonderful news! God is so good! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. I am happy she is home again!.....praying that she makes a full recovery and is soon back to being her old self.

  11. Oh Tracy, I am happy that Mattie is home. It is a sin what she had to go through at the Humane Society, and I use that term lightly.
    That said, it must be great to have her home. I know you will love her back to good health.
    I didn't see this as we have been away and I haven't been checking blogland as I should.
    All I can say Hallelujah!! Mattie is home!!

  12. OH my goodness what fabulous news!!! I am so happy to hear that she is home. Sorry to hear about the less-than-wonderful journey, though. That sounds horrifying to such a tiny creature. :( BUT, at least she is home and you can spoil her like crazy!!! :)

  13. SOOO sorry that you had to go through this and that Mattie had to go through so much trauma!!! Enjoy every moment with her!!