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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Computer Goblins, Tropical Storms and Giveaways - Whew!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 

We didn't do a whole lot of celebrating.  I also didn't get to spend a whole lot of time on the computer either.
My computer got attacked by a virus or high jacked.  Either way is wasn't pretty.  It took days to fix.  I think I need to name my computer.  It's like having a kid.  Worrying what's going to happen next?  Is is going to get sick or attacked today?
On top of that, we were having some really strange weather here in good old Florida.  Here it is 2 weeks before the start of hurricane season and we had a Tropical Storm bearing down on us.  I usually don't put too much stock in these things because of where Jax is.  We're kinda dipped in and the storms tend to turn with the currents and pass us by.  This one, however was heading dead on into Jax. and it was only 2 points from being an official hurricane.

You can see Jacksonville is in the upper right hand side of the map. Jacksonville is really large.  Land based it's the largest city in the U.S.  - land based is the key word.  I was raised 15 miles North of Jax and 20 miles West of Amelia Island, where we spent absolutely wonderful summers as kids.

Fortunately, we didn't have a hurricane this time--just a tropical storm. This is very unusual weather for this early in the year but then again it was a very warm winter with the waters staying very warm.  Jax had to cancel the last celebrations of the Jazz Festival as well as all the Memorial Day celebrations but prayers of gratitude went up for being spared a tragedy.  As you can see from some of these pictures the weather was scarey and some people did get some damage but there were no deaths I'm happy to report.
We were especially lucky at our house.  Not so much as a big limb down.  Oh you see we'd had so major winds with all the moss and branch tips scattered all over the yard but that was it.  Other parts of our area had whole trees down and plenty of flooding too.  Even though we're on the water our property sits high.  In all the years we've been in this house I've never even had a standing puddle.  I call it Blessed.  And even odder, we never lost electricity or digital.  We usually have the lights go out in an afternoon shower.

You might know, the one time the lights don't go out while be forced to stay inside, the computer gets hacked.  Such inside and can't use the computer.  AAAKKKK!

I finally got it up and I have 2 new giveaways listed. 
Be sure to click the links above and enter.  And don't forget there's another giveaway ending soon.
Have a great week ya'll.  Hey it's already starting out a short one.
♥...Tracy :)


  1. I am sure enjoying the rain though! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. That storm doesn't look good! I'm stopping by from Purex Insiders & I think I'll enter your giveaways! :)