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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Goes Together Better Than Makeover and Review

You've all heard me talk about CSN Stores and there unbelievable selection of items.  You can find everything from lights to rugs to porch furniture.  Just click on lights to take a peek.

Lucky for me I've been offered the opportunity to do a review of  my choice of CSN Stores' products.  Oh' how will I ever decide which to choose?  Well since I was in the middle of a porch makeover when everything went haywire this summer I will be using it to continue that project.  By the time my summer makeover is done it will be fall but that works fine in Florida since we'll still be in the high 80's till December unless we get lucky.

So I hope you stay tuned to see what wonderful product I review and see if I hit or miss on the makeover.  Remember this is a limited, up-cycle for the most part makeover.  Thank goodness for CSN, I have something shiny and new too.

Hugs.....Tracy :)

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