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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Catching My Breath

Wonderful, Peaceful, Restful Sunday!  Oh how happy I am to see you.  And all you friends too.

It has been a way to hectic 3 weeks.  I'm really so confused now, I don't know if it's been three weeks or not, that everything just went CRAZY!

Nadine (my MIL) is out of the hospital and in a nursing home.  Although I can't call it a nursing home to Neil.  It's rehab, only to get his Mom back on her feet and back home with us again.  Bless his heart, he worries about her so.  Honestly, I worry about him.  She will be 90 on August 20th.  I think she's just tired.  Do you know what I mean.  I, in no way am belittling her pain.  She certainly is in pain, but can't you imagine how tired she is.  Growing old is not for the weak.  I've never had to see a loved one grow old really.  My first huge loss was my paternal Grandmother - Grandma Lizzie.  Oh' how I loved that woman.  We didn't see her all the time.  She traveled between her childrens homes by the time I was born.  I was 12 when she passed away and she was 93.  She was a vintage grandmother.  All soft and pale with long dresses, kind of old timey shoes and lots of beautiful old sparkling brooches.  All white haired and powdery smelling.  Slow moving but with a mind as sharp as a tack.  I never knew her to drive, like I said she was a little old Granny by the time I came along, I truly doubt that she ever learned how.  She lived a long life and was a very strong independent woman.  Well I'm off track now but I do think I'll come back and share a little of this amazing woman's life later.

Neil told the hospital they could send his mom to rehab for 2 weeks but then he was bringing her home after that.  I believe the Doctor was suggesting it was time for a more permanent stay.  We had the rescue take her to the hospital Friday night a week ago because of her ribs and she wasn't eating and was bedridden.  We left the hospital without knowing anymore than when we went in.  She stayed there until Wednesday before moving to the rehab center.  They did xrays of her ribs,CAT scans,  went down her throat, checked for bleeding ulcers (we told them she had been complaining of heart burn or acid reflux).  Then her stomach was hurting so they did a sonogram.  They said all the test were excellent.  I'm beginning to think they were just running up the bill, but you never want to take a chance especially when with her because with the Alzheimer's she really doesn't know how to tell you how she feels.  And she really doesn't understand what your asking her a lot of the time.  It's very scary.  Sometimes she's just fed up with us and won't talk to us and we panic.  But at least we got her re-hydrated and had professionals there to look after her.  Neil stayed with her day and night.  He did come home to change and grab a bite.  He was so tired and so worried about her being confused and scared without him there.

Please keep my MIL and us in your prayers.  They are so needed right now.  I'm finally starting to catch my breath and then a panic attack sneaks in.  Uuuuggghhh. 

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.  Love...Tracy :)


  1. My thoughts are with you and yours *HUGS*

  2. You're in my prayers. I hope you and your husband get a sense of peace to get you through this. You remember not to get to tired ( I know that's almost impossible) but it will help with the anxiety attacks. And honestly lately I think we hold back TO much and that's why we have panic attacks. It's OK to feel.

  3. Hello Tracy~Your words are reminiscent of my own experiences with my MIL, not so long ago.
    We didn't have any one else to help us care for my in laws, so we were in charge of all major decisions. My mil was 89 and was sharp as a tack, but her body was frail.
    I know my MIL was very tired too.
    My thoughts are with you all, I hope her recuperation goes well.
    I've no doubt she is grateful to have you two there to comfort her.

    Sweet wishes,

  4. Hi Tracy, your post is so touching to me. My grandma is just eighty but my grandfather who died last year had alzheimers for 3 years and she took care of him. That wore her out and I know what you mean about being tired as you get older. Try to get some time for yourself so you don't wear yourself out. I know that is easier said than done as both your hubby and your MIL need you but remember to take care of yourself too.

  5. Tracy,
    First thanks for coming by and leaving your super nice comment about my bed crown.

    Our stories about our grandmothers are so similar.
    Mine also went from house to house to live, and moved slowly, but Ma was sharp too. She died in 1983 at 95 and I still miss her fiercely.

    Neil's mom story could be my sweet mother's story. Watching Alzheimer's take her was harder than watching cancer take my dad.
    I will pray for Nadine and you and Neil as you go through this. But always remember...God is good.

  6. Hi Tracy, Catching up between blog breaks. Your mother-in-law is nearing the end now. I do hope she gets to come home for your husband's sake. I hope you are feeling better. Yeah, July has passed! No more mishaps! Lovely checking in to say hello! E

  7. I will be praying for you MIL. I just lost my grammy a couple weeks ago at 94 yrs old. She had stopped eating basically. It was just her time. She had lived a long and wonderfilled life, she had 8 children! and who knows how many grands and great grands and even great great grand she had! anyways, I will pray for her and also for your hubby (you too!)
    have a sweet week!

  8. Hi Tracy, I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. It must be very hard for you and your husband. I wish you all the strength you need and keep you in my thoughts!

  9. Hi Tracy! Remembering you all in my prayers too!

  10. Hi Tracy, I hope you have recovered from you bite and feeling yourself. Also, I hope your mother-in-law is restful. This summer seems to be a rough one for so many people that I know. Fall can only bring better things our way. Take care, Elizabeth

  11. thanks so much....this is a kid that was practicing football on Monday...someone just emailed me that the doctor just came by and told the parents HE did not expect him to live through the night... He has 3 little brothers & an amazing mom & dad that KNOW GOD & KNOW that God is in the HEALING BUSINESS.

  12. Hello Tracy,
    Thanks for all the visits to my blog you are such a faithful friend. It's so hard with the aged parents like that, mostly turns out they are women. One old person sometimes can take the family down if they let it happen. Best she be in 24 hour care but I know your husband longs to have her home no matter what. This disease is just so cruel to everyone.

  13. I empathize with you and went through a similar situation with my father (strokes) for 3 years. It wore both me and my mother out - impacting our health to this day - as we could not leave my father alone. Take care of yourself so you can be there for your husband. Contact your local hospice group for help too. You are in my prayers.