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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Announcing 31 Days of Fun with Purex

Purex Insider has an exciting new promotion called 31 Days of Fun.  I’m giddy to tell you about it.  Purex wants to make sure that as your summer comes to a close, it ends on a high note.
Because I’m a Purex Insider, I’m privileged to get the very first look at the calendar with each of the fantastic prizes Purex will be giving away during each day in August. We're talking $10K -  
See why I’m giddy.  Because of you being such loyal Cotton Pickin Cute followers that means you’ll be getting all the 411 right here, so you’re in the know too!!
All you have to do is stop jumping up and down, hold on to your panties and come back tomorrow on August 1st.  Oh’ you can spread the word.  I’ll have an unique code right here for you to use tomorrow.  So mark it on your calendar and don’t be late because you don’t want to miss a single day of fun.

Now go make every last day of summer flippin’ awsome!

Hugs Y'all...

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