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Monday, November 14, 2011

My MIL is Still Hanging In There

 My Mother-in-law is still holding her own.  It's so up and down.  One day, they talk like they'll be releasing her from the Critical Care and sending her to there specialty hospital in town so she will continue to get more attention than she would on the regular hospital floor.  The next day they tell us it doesn't look good at all. And we need to think about whether or not to re-ventalate her.  Now suddenly she seems so much more alert and responsive but at the same time the pneumonia is a little worse.  She is still on a breathing mask and she can't get her oxygen/carbon dioxide levels right but she is off the ventilator.  They still warn us that she may have to go back on it, yet they hope that they will be able to take her off this mask and put her on a lesser one.  I know I'm not able to explain what I barely understand, very well.

We came home from the hospital late this afternoon only to get a message from my cousin that he was in another hospital here in town.  He was having serious heart problems Saturday night and had to call rescue.  So we rushed right over to see him.  He will be having a heart catheterization tomorrow and possibly a stent put in.  His blood pressure was extremely high while we were there but he was in good spirits.  

Greg and I grew up together and were very close.  Our mothers were only sisters and Greg and I were born 2 months apart so you can imagine how much time we spent together and how close we were.  He's all by his self with his parents gone as well.  He just came back to town and I know he worries that if he had a heart attack at home no one would know.  He has a history of heart problems.  I hope if you have a minute you will say a prayer for him as well as Neils mother.  

So now you know why my posting has been few and far apart.  All plans as of late have fell apart.  I hope to pick up the pace this week and complete projects and post them.  I have several reviews and giveaways that I'm excited to blog about too.  Thank all of you for your loving words and caring prayers.  I haven't  had a chance to email any of you personally but I promise I will as soon as I can.  Your comments mean SO MUCH to both of us.  

All our love...Tracy & Neil


  1. Sending prayers up for you and yours, Tracy. Be blessed and have a peaceful day. :)
    xo Heidi

  2. I'll be praying for you and your family members today Tracy! Hang in there. I know you will.

  3. Prayers for peace, contentment and God's will!!! Blessings

  4. Thinking of you and your family Miss Tracy. Prayers going up for your Mom and cousin... Prayers for peace and hope~

    Love, Rebecca

  5. Stopped by from your comment on my blog...So sorry to read of your MIL and cousin. Prayed for them this morning!

  6. I am still praying for you and your sweet family,Ginger

  7. Hi Tracy, what a worrying time for you and your family. I will remember you all in my prayers tonight. Talk to you again soon. Hugs, Chris