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Monday, November 21, 2011

MIL Update and I'm Missing My Head

Hey Ya'll.  

I thought I'd better first spend some time taking care of blog business before giving ya'll an update this morning.  

So I just spent the last hour plus writing my latest blog giveaway and posting it - only to DELETE it.  Uggghhhh!!!  Where is my head?  So before I go back to repeat that process lets go right to the update.

Neil's mom had the tracheotomy done Thursday and we really had high hopes for things to improve.  So did the doctors.  The news by phone this morning is a little more positive then last night. From Friday until now we still haven't had his mom open her eyes to us or  communicate with us in any way.  She has been off the sedation but not waking up.  When the nurses work with her shes does put up a little fight, which is good.  She's been very swollen every since the trach and that has us worried.  The Dr. even said last night that he was still searching for answers on why she didn't seem better.  He seemed very surprised by it.  But when I spoke to the nurse by phone this morning she said she was awake and responding to her.  She also said they are waiting for placement for her at the specialty hospital.  So that does sound better.  

I  hope you continue to pray for our family.  Tensions are high as Neil and I are both getting tired and starting to come down with colds.  Not a good time for that with us needing to see his mother daily.  Please pray for my spirit.  I'm usually very empathic during trying times but I'm ashamed to say that lately it seems I'm getting short and irritable.  Just being real.  I pray that the spirit of our Lord with prevail and fill my house and me with a better attitude and peace.

Thank each and everyone of you for your loving kindness during this scary time.


  1. So is it a geriatric hospital? I hope she can get the right kind of care! Keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Prayers uplifted...
    Wishing she continues to improve.

  3. keeping you in my prayers. Such a difficult time for you! Be gracious with yourself, I'm sure this is all very exhausting. Take care!