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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My New Old Cabinet After Summer Scrapes and Cuts

We all know summer is full of scrapes and cuts but isn't it usually the kids?  They're all home for the summer, outside playing, having the time of their little lives.  

I wasn't having fun and believe me I'm way past school age.  Last week I could only be described as klutzy.  At the first of the week I was walking through the dining room with a smile on my face saying good morning to everyone.  The next thing I know my feet are as high in the air as my knees should be and with the sound of an overloaded dump truck I was laying on the floor.  The tile floor.  Not a lot of give there.  Ouch!!!!  My elbow seemed to take the brunt of it.  My MIL's our cat Pumpkin was in the middle of the floor and has the poof-est cotton hair.  It's like stepping on silk threads.  I'm not kidding I didn't just slip and fall forward catching myself, my feet went totally to the right and my body went totally to the left where I prominently hit the floor.  Lived through it for better times to come.  

Well by Saturday better times had come, not for me but for the evil mojo that keep me on the ground.  We have some cinder (cement) blocks on the other side of the wraparound porch and silly me stepped on them, fell, scrapping myself all the way down.  Much bigger ouch!!!  Such an attractive look for shorts season.  

My sinus' are the only thing playing with me.  And this is not my idea of summer fun.

On a much brighter note take a look at what I found.  A sewing cabinet!  Solid wood, no it can't be!   When I first saw the cabinet at GW, it was marked $39.95 cheap enough but not today.  No it's not the prettiest but it has lots of potential with great bones and I've wanted one for YEARS.

I went back the next week OMG it's only $29.95.  I asked the manager about it.  Is it going to be marked down again do you think?  The sweet surfer dude manager said it's been here awhile.  Why don't you come back Monday and if it's still here I'll mark it down and you can also get the 10% senior discount.  Hiding my err. for the senior comment I went home with dreams of a new cabinet dancing in my head.  I tell my sister that I hope the age eligible for a senior discount is under 55 since I'm only 50.  By now she is on the other end of the phone cackling with laughter. 

Monday morning came and things kept getting in my way.  Hate that.  I sneak away by 4:00.  Entering the store with a combination of hope and doubt and my necking stretching like a giraffes I spot it.  Way in the back.  It's still there.  
Heart pounding I rush  to the managers office and remind him.  He comes back minutes later and tells me the new tag's on it.  I couldn't snatch that baby off fast enough.  I grab a precious little side table marked $3.99 and head to the front.  When I tell her I get the seniors discount she looks at me with shock  (thank you Ms. cashier) and says you can't be 65.  SIXTY-FIVE..........It's still ringing in my ears.  Surfer boy thinks I'm SIXTY-FIVE?  Say it ain't so.........  I prefer to think he was just being generous with his discounts but he made no effort to assure me of that, but I tell her what he said, and we both have a good laugh.  Thank you again Ms Cashier for trying to ease the pain.  None the less she gave me my 10% discount (for being sweet and not 65 I hope).  I left paying only 10.66 for my new sewing cabinet.

Boy, what humiliation a thrifter will suffer all in the name of a deal.  So last week I took a beating both physically and mentally but I got my sewing table and my deal that I'd been dreaming of.
This little table's going to need a lot of work but I think it could turn in to a real cutie.

So now after all that I had a 2 day migraine and now a sinus head cold, but it was so worth it.  Now I have the redo to dread look forward too.

Hope you're all having a fun Summer week!  xxoo's....Grandma Tracy :)


  1. Tracy,
    I have to laugh, these young people these days, huh???? OMG, I sound like my grandma! LOL What a SMOKIN deal you got on tyhis!!!! WOW! Is it staying the same color or are you painting it????? Please let us see it when it has be revitalized!!! Great post!!! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that cabinet!! Can't wait to see what you plan on doing with it. Any ideas yet? Please, until it's done, walk carefully and look where you're walking. Next time you might not be so lucky!!! Thank the Lord you didn't hurt yourself seriously.

  3. What a great cabinet! And an awesome price.