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Friday, May 14, 2010

Still Trying To FInd Time To Sew But Here's A Few Projects

I just haven't had time to post a few of the things I made a couple of weeks ago.  I've been trying to get my Etsy store started and finally got a few things listed but I haven't don't much else there.  So here's a mixed up peek what I had been making.

You may have seen these already. I've seen a lot of them online.  It's not my design.  I found instructions online and whipped one up.   

I found an old roll of  woven towel cloth that went in those old hand towel machines.  Of course I washed it first but I don't think it had ever been used anyway.  I added fabric and trim and Velcro tabs to hold it closed on the oven door.  I took pics on my oven but they weren't fragmented or something.  I'll get indoor pics of the next one I make but you get the idea.

I love this baby/receiving blanket.  It is so so soft.  The top fabric is a oh' so soft flannel and the back is a upcycled sheet that is just the softest cotton.  Then I just made a little chenille fabric flower for one corner.
 Here's the full size which is pretty big.

Another project I found online.  I had this really soft and warm pink plush fabric sitting around and made this scarf and cap for my Granddaughter but thought it looked a little small and never sent it to her.  Maybe her doll could wear it.  It would probably fit a baby or toddler. 

Really soft and pretty with a yarn tassel I made.

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  1. Darling!!! You are just so creative!!!!
    Head over and sign up for my giveaway (Its an apron from the hip hostess)

  2. Hi Girl,
    Another weekend has come and gone and I haven't managed time on the computer. I did get one of my gardens weeded, so that is an accomplishment! Love all your sewing. You are a beautiful seamstress and a new mother would adore one of your blankets, hats. And the towel dress? That is so adorable, it would cheer up any kitchen.

    Hope all is well with you MIL and that you are having a beautiful spring. It finally warmed up here so I am trying to catch up with all my weeding!