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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Apron 4 & 5 Plus Something Extra - Its All In The Upcycling

Happy Saturday Everyone.  The weather is gorgeous here.  It cooled off just enough to be really nice.  Now if I could just find time to go outside and enjoy it.

Here's a quick post of 2 more upcycled aprons made somewhere between December and Monday and a little something extra. ha-ha

This is an apron I made for my Granddaughter Ki'a before I realized it would be too small for her. 
I love this fabric.  I bought it 10 years ago and made all of my Grandsons crib bedding from it.  I just love it.  This was left over and I finally found a use.  The blue denim is one of Neils old shirts.   

Can you guess what this is?  Yep, it's the button placket off of one of that old denim shirt of Neils (Granddaddy).  Buttonholes and buttons already there.  Adjustable and easy for me.  It couldn't be any more simple. That fabric is so soft and worn..

I actually still have the bedding set.  When the kids moved up to NY they left plenty in my attic.  But that's what we parents do right?  Store stuff.

You can see above, there's 3 pockets across the front.  Now I just have to make her something else to fit and put this in Esty.

Sorry about the terrible photos.  Now you know why I take most of my pictures outside.

Here's a more recent apron.  Recycle meets to fat meets upcycle.

 Yes, this is white leg fabric from those never got to be enjoyed because I like candy too much Liz Claiborne slacks.  Remember I used the pocket on the apron I posted a couple of days ago.  The blue fabric which I love is another pair of LC capris that I never got to wear.  Believe me I wanted to.  The red fabric is left over from my porch rocker cushions a few years ago.  And I didn't use a pattern so it was free if I don't think about buying slacks I'd never wear.  I'd also give anything to have the money to buy some now.  LOL.

And last but now least.   I was trying hard to come up with something I could make for my Grandson Zack.  Boys are so much harder.

I guess you figured out that's it's an upcycle too.
To make it hangable (no such word until now),  I  just put a wooden dowel rod through the waist band, glued on some round Styrofoam balls and tied some fabric around them then tied on some jute and ragged strips of fabric.

Another outgrown pair of my jeans and some leftover red, white & blue fabric.  Yep, that's the pants leg with the waist band sewn on top.  I just cut the letters for his name out  in the fabric and zig-zagged them on with the sewing machine.
Maybe my DIL will appreciate the off the floor aspect of this hotwheel's car holder.

Easy-peasy the hem was already done for me.  Gotta love that!  Not perfect but fun.

I hope you're all out enjoying this beautiful summer like weather.  If it's not so warm where you are just cozy up and enjoy more craft time.
Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. Love the first apron and the idea of using the button placket it's just genius!

  2. You have got some talent there girl! I love it all. How adorable!!!! Be blessed and enjoy your Sat. Cindy

  3. What darling creations, too bad she is bigger, I'd love to have seen her model it. You are VERY creative.

    Weather chilled off, windy past 3 days but we got all 20 yards, YUP!, laid.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  4. Tracy, I do aprons also but those are daaaarrrrling, sugar!! I just love aprons. I also keep old jeans and things to make them with. Just soothes me when I make them.

  5. You've shown is some great creations here Tracy. Nice you recycle we all should. I love finding more ideas all the time on blogs for making something new out of something old instead of buying a new item.

  6. The fabric on that first one is really cute!

    All the aprons are awesome!