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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Win A Nikon Cool Pix Camera and more!!

Do you need a camera update? By the look of some of my pictures, you can guess that I'm due for an update.
I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I get lucky doing something about it.  No, I'm not buying one, don't be absurd!  I'm entering all the stinkin' camera giveaways I can find.  And don't tell me I can't win because I know that's not true.  How do you think I got my Samsung Chromebook!  Woop-Woop!! Yea' that's right, I won a Samsun Chromebook and just received it today.  More about that on another post.

You can enter to win an AWESOME Nikon Cool Pix Camera from One2One Network
over at Erin Brans.com.

But don't forget to enter my Cotton Pickin Cute giveaways by just clicking on the photos below:

   Good Luck Ya'll....Tracy ♥

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