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Friday, November 2, 2012

A First Trick-or-Treating with Grand Kids

As long as you live you'll get to experience new things and last night was a new one for me.  After all these years with the grand kids living in New York, We finally got to trick-or-treat with them.  They make lovely column statues don't you think?
First let me introduce you to Jason aka...Zach.  Our 12 year old menacing grandson.
Next is our fiery little devil aka...Ki'a.  At the last minute she changed her mind and went from pirate to devil.  Good thing the cute tulle skirt her mother made worked out perfect.
The houses were all decked out with their creepiest finery.
The neighborhood is full of beautiful old homes and by dark the streets were taken over with princess', superheros, monsters and ghouls.  It's  a shame my night time photos didn't come out.
Zach was full of optimism.  He said no little Halloween bag would be enough for his haul.  lol.  He took a KING size pillowcase.
These kids made out.  Full size chocolate candy bars and m&m's were some of the nights favorites. 
Do you see those gigantic ghosts?  They were huge!!   We saw some great decorations  and had so much fun laughing and watching all the fun.
We saw lots of adults dressed up and having as much fun as the kids.
I really enjoyed seeing the older folks taking time out to talk to the children.  They seemed to be enjoying the nights visitors.
Most of all I just enjoyed watching my family on this special night.  Knowing that we made memories together.  Ahhh....It really is a good life.


  1. I used to have a blast taking my kids trick or treating. the babies are too young to go out yet, other then a few stops at special homes.. but I do look forward to taking them out in the next couple years. have a great weekend!

  2. Love all these photos! Looks like you live in a gorgeous area! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays