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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Glade Expressions Collection Review & Coupons

Invite artfully designed, true-to-life fragrances into your home.
I've always been somewhat of a stickler when it comes to the smell of my home.  I want a scent in my home but not one that knocks you over.  I want it to be soft and refreshing so I usually use plug ins (which can sometimes be a little heavy).  I also love reed diffusers, you know the kind with sticks in a bottle of oil.  I can't use them anymore.  Let me just say kittens and those don't mix.  They will drive you crazy playing with them and making a mess.

Well now we have a new option.  Glade Expressions Oil Diffusers.  No spill, no mess, no sticks to attract Kitty's.  It's prefect and it looks like a mini object 'd art on your table.  You know entertaining is all about presentation. Creating a welcoming space takes work, so having your home décor do double duty is, well, ingenious.
The Glade Expressions® Collection is inspired by art and designed to be left out on display. These authentic, easy-to-use home fragrance products release scents that open up note by note, filling your home with lightly layered fragrances and inviting life in. The breakthrough line also includes the Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist comes in a chic holder that blends with your décor for a burst of fragrance that's always out and available. Simply squeeze to release a light mist of fragrance.  Once it's all gone simply refill the holder with your favorite true-to-life scent.  Finally a spray mist I can leave out.  I couldn't stand to see the old spray air fresheners left out so I would put them away and of course forget all about them.  Problem solved now.

With four inspiring fragrances to freshen your air, modern holders that complement your (already fabulous) decorating sense and the opportunity to refill scents at your convenience, why not invite the Glade Expressions® Collection into your home before the next round of guests?
Here's a rundown of the fragrances you're about to invite into your home, courtesy of Glade Expressions®:

Cotton & Italian Mandarin - Open your home with the bright, breezy blend of cotton and sparkling citrus, honeydew and sandalwood*

Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice - A ripe, spicy blend of sweet pears and crisp apple with a dash of cinnamon and clove that warms and invigorates

Lavender & Juniper Berry - Lush lavender blends with fresh juniper berry, eucalyptus and rose to relax the senses and open your home

Mangosteen - Evoke a tropical paradise with the blend of freshly cut pineapples and hint of tangy mangosteen, creamy coconut and passionflower

*Available in Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist only.


What I think - The Positive

I really like the removable label on the Glade Expressions Mist, it's nice enough to blend in to any decor.  I would like to see a few other colors or maybe a raised design on the holder.chic enough to incorporate into any décor.  I use a mist for a quick spurt of freshness, like in the bathroom,  around the liter box, or just before opening the door for guest.

The oil diffuser has a great look too.  I can envision them coming us with designs for all the major holidays and seasons, as well as themes like the beach, baby's room, child's room and more.  I love that it's spill-free design fills living spaces with fragrance for 30 days.  No batteries to replace and no plug in means no electricity cost.  There's also the Fragrance satisfaction guaranteed or your money back*

What I Think - The Negative

I had trouble finding Glade Expressions.  I went to one Walmart and couldn't find any.  Another Walmart only had the Pineapple & Mangosteen.  I didn't care for that fragrance to much.  Winn Dixie had the Cotton & Italian Mandarin but I was still searching for the Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice and the  Lavender & Juniper Berry.  I found both of them at Kmart.  The prices are a little high so I'll only be buying them with coupons.  Walmart did seem to have the best price but not the best selection.  Plus there were very few on the self and placed low so they were hard to find.

Visit glade.com to learn more about Glade Expressions® products and to explore all their scent collections.

I love being a BzzAgent and getting to try the newest products.  If you're interested in becoming a BzzAgent just let me know, I'd be happy to share the details.  It's easy to join with no contract and no cost.

If you'd like a $4 coupon off the starter kit or a $2 coupon off a refill just leave me a comment.  I have a few to share.

 Disclosure:  BzzAgent provided me with the free coupons for Glade Expressions.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. this new glade product sounds great to try Tracy. I agree that I like something that is artfully displayed and I like more country themed designs verses modern so I would love to see designs become available in maybe roosters, apples, lodge theme like bears, moose, or even shabby chic like roses. I will have to give these are try, with a coupon of course. Great review, thanks for sharing :)