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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What do Terminix, Ladies Home Journal and Purina Cat Chow Have In Common

I've been so grateful for all the rain we've had this summer. Unfortunately along with the rain comes the mosquito's.
That's why Neil was so happy when I won a Terminix All Clear Mosquito Mister Lantern Edition. 

Keeping late hours does have it's benefits sometimes.  I was just going to bed and caught the local WTEV CBS47-WAWS FOX30 Action News program and learned they have a daily facebook giveaway.  I'm so glad I got back up and entered.  Can you believe my first time and I won!  YIPPEE!!!
Next I got an email from the Purex Team saying I was one of the winners of the Purex Sweepstakes.  I won a FREE years subscription to the Ladies Home Journal magazine.  Goodie a win just for me!

I've always been a big fan of magazines. Even with the Internet and Pinterest being like my own personal magazine, there's still nothing quite like sitting or laying down and turning the fresh pages of a new magazine. Aaahhh....so relaxing.   It just makes me smile when I go to the mail box and find LHJ waiting there for me.

Have you picked up a copy of LHJ lately.  Let me tell you, it isn't your mothers old Ladies Home Journal.  It's a new magazine with a new attitude.  After asking thousands of women what they really need in a magazine, they have rebuilt the Journal to revolve around you: your hopes, needs, health, happiness, and personal growth.

Where do you find your inspiration? I find mine in magazines and on Pinterest. Blogs have been a huge part of my life for the last 3 years. It opens up the world to me. I love being able to see what's trending across the country or across the world.

If you'd like your own 1 years subscription for the low price of ONLY $5.99 you can click here to subscribe.  Thank you Purex Team for my wonderful new subscription!

Even the kitties got a surprise.  I think they were pretty happy when the FREE sample of new Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight arrived.
Our Kitty's are keeping me busy and happy, so I want to keep them healthy.  I think they like it don't you.
They play hard, eat a lot and then pass out.  I bet they're still dreaming of their day of antics.
They spread out but always close together.

By the way, did I tell you we ended up keeping 3 of the 5 kittens.  I told Neil we'd only keep 1 - the little Siamese looking one that I named Izzy but as time went on and the other 2 didn't find homes...we named them too.  The black ones look so much alike.  The little girl has a white spot on her belly.  The boy is solid black.  Their names are Pearl and CB (said more like seabe - 1 word) which is short for Crow Bar.  Can you guess which one my sister named and which one Neil named? lol.
They're so precious and have provided us a lot of entertainment.  It didn't take long for them to become family.  Each one of them is so loving.
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Good Luck Ya'll!!!

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