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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Disclosure: The Dial brand provided me with a sample of Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash in exchange for a product review.  As always all opinions expressed are my own.

I'm so happy spring is finally here in Florida, but I know a lot of you are still dealing with what seems like the year of the never ending winter.  Don't give up yet, the end is close.

Whether it's cool weather or warm weather, our skin takes a beating.  It's nice to pamper it anyway you can. That's why I like Dial's new Miracle Oil Body Wash, it's a no effort way to treat my skin to a little tenderness.

What's new about this Dial Body Wash?

The first thing you notice on the bottle are the words MIRACLE OIL.  Why are they calling it that? Easy, it's infused with caring Marula Oil.  And here's a Marula Oil fact:  Marula Oil is known to deeply hydrate and nourish skin while protecting it from skin-damaging free radicals.

Now you're probably wondering where does Marula Oil come from.  I can answer that too.  The oil is comes from the ripened fruit of the Marula tree, which is found in Africa.  They extract the oil from the kernels of the Marula fruit.  I'm certain you'll be hearing lots more about this miracle oil in the future.

What do I think about Dial's New Miracle Oil Body Wash?

When I shower or bathe I don't want to step out feeling like my skin is taut and dry before I even dry the water off.  That's the problem with most soaps.  Not so with the Marula infused Dial.  My skin feels soft and silky without feeling oily or greasy. 
I save money wherever I can and Dial is so affordable. It only takes a small squeeze to product a rich lather.  The 16oz bottle will really last.  

Most of all I love the scent.  I just want to stand there with the bottle squeezing and smelling. UMMM....heavenly.  I smell the warm scents of amber and vanilla, sort of like a sensual candle that you would burn.  I want to take a shower every night just before bed (as opposed to earlier in the day) just so I can fall asleep breathing that calming scent.  I hope they come out with a Dial Miracle Oil lotion now. hee-hee.  I give it 5 cotton balls, which is as good as 5 stars any day. 

Learn more at: DialSoap.com and Facebook.com/Dial

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Happy Spring Y'all...

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